This Flower Color Shouldn't Be In Your Garden If You Are Trying To Attract Birds

Birds are skittish by nature, and fortunately, no color will actively discourage your flying friends from seeking refuge in your beautiful garden oasis. That being said, there is one color that will act as a deterrent, and that is white. Luckily, a one-off bloom or two won't frighten anyone away, but a garden that's got a healthy dose of white going on will actively discourage birds from visiting. So if you're trying to attract birds for your own viewing pleasure, it's best to tone it down on the white just a bit.

One possible reason behind a bird's dislike for the color white is due to the sharp contrast it creates against the surrounding environment. It's also thought that white might be a deterrent because it's a color that is perceived as a threat in the avian community. In fact, certain species of birds flash their crown, crest, or underside of their wings and/or tail, which are typically white or light-colored feathers, as a warning sign against neighboring foragers.

It's not just white

It is important to note that color preferences vary from species to species, so there's no universal pattern that applies to all of them. But in addition to white, there are a few others that discourage birds from making your garden their new "it spot." Certain earthy or muddy shades are troublesome for birds because they don't provide enough contrast. Anecdotally, dark browns are also thought to resemble predators, while lighter hues actually bring birds in because they're thought to mimic their natural surroundings. So if you live in an area with limited woodland, keep that color in mind.

Unnatural or rare colors, like purple, are also not a favorite. Some birds tend to steer clear of violet because it's difficult for them to see and confuses them. Pink is a color that certain birds tend to avoid due to its stark contrast against a green background. The striking nature of pink is thought to potentially attract predators, making certain birds wary of this hue. Additionally, the intense and vibrant nature of pink colors may be off-putting to certain avian species. And of course, anything moving and/or shiny also scares off your feathered friends.

Add these colors to draw more birds

Most bright colors are particularly appealing to birds because they signify the plant is ripe and abundant with seeds and/or nectar. Matching the colors of your surroundings to the birds you want to attract can also be an effective strategy to bring more birds to your garden, even if there's white sprinkled in there.

An overall rule is that blue and red are the most popular colors for attracting birds. Blue jays and bluebirds love blue flowers like hydrangeas and asters, while cardinals and hummingbirds are drawn to red. Red also helps deter bugs. While pink isn't everyone's favorite, hummingbirds won't shun it, so adding arrows, cornflowers, or roses will draw in speedy fliers.

Orange and yellow flowers are a favorite of warblers, orioles, and goldfinches, so planting tulips, zinnias, and sunflowers will draw these songbirds in. If you happen to have a few white blooms in your garden, don't worry. They can still attract beneficial pollinators, like bees and butterflies. While white doesn't show up on bees' visual radar, they also don't take the color as a threat and are in fact drawn to white flowers.