The Simple Trick For Transforming Your Hose Into A Pressure Washer

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The incredible hack showcased in the TikTok video by SuzyQ has everyone talking about how she effortlessly turns a garden hose into a pressure washer. All it takes is a regular spray nozzle and some liquid dish soap; we will tell you exactly how it's done. We'll also explore another way to transform your garden hose into a pressure washer without actually buying one — simply by using an attachment.

A pressure washer comes in handy for many household maintenance tasks, but it can be expensive. You can do things like washing the exterior of the house, windows, a car, boat, motorcycle, RV, and any other vehicle, including the undercarriage. You can also power wash your deck or patio, your driveway, clean your gutters, and more. While you may not be able to duplicate the same powerful results of a pressure washer with these hacks, you can certainly accomplish a few of them. So let's get started!

How to perform the hack

Once you see how simple this hack is, you'll easily tackle jobs like washing the car or the family dog. The water pressure isn't extremely powerful, but it does work amazingly well. If you're looking for a way to spray clean something with soap and water using just your garden hose, put on a pair of shorts, grab your bottle of liquid dish soap, and head to the backyard!

Start by making sure the water is turned off, then remove the regular spray nozzle from your garden hose. Go down about 2 feet from the end, and shut the hose shut by folding it in half. Go back to the end of the hose and squeeze about an ounce or so of liquid dish soap straight down into it, making sure to keep it kinked. Then simply return the spray nozzle and turn the water on, letting go of the kink.

The hose will spray soapy water long enough to do most simple jobs; then, it will rinse automatically! In certain parts of the U.S., you might need to check your hose to make sure it doesn't say "rainwater only." Some areas request that homeowners refrain from using chemicals that could produce wastewater that ends up in nearby lakes or rivers. Otherwise, this is a clever hack to try on rugs, toys, windows, cars, and even dogs!

Use a special hose attachment

Turning your garden hose into a pressure washer using an attachment is possible, but it won't be as powerful as the real deal. Still, as long as you have decent water pressure to begin with, it will significantly increase what you've got. For example, an average of 30 to 40 PSI (pounds per square inch) will get up to 250 PSI with an attachment. For perspective, a power washer produces 1,500 PSI or more. Additionally, you'll need a good, strong hose with no leaks.

Inspect your garden hose carefully for leaks and ensure the fittings and connections are tight and solid. Use a rubber patch kit or replace the hose if there are any leaks. Ensure there are no kinks in the hose and it's clean inside and out. You can then connect the hose attachment. One recommended type is the Turbo-Jet high spray nozzle, which you can find at Home Depot for $19.97. You can also buy a soap dispensing spray attachment for your garden hose, like the Ontel Carwash Cannon Foam Blaster with soap dispenser, at Amazon for $20.