Aluminum Foil Is The Secret To Moving Heavy Pieces Of Furniture Without Breaking A Sweat

If you need to move your couch but don't have furniture coasters or help, this unassuming household staple can be a lifesaver. Aluminum foil makes the moving process easier by creating a smooth, friction-free surface that also minimizes the risk of scratches and marks on your furniture. This magical lightweight alloy makes moving much more manageable and also spares your back from unnecessary strains or pulled muscles.

Aluminum foil has a whole range of other uses, aside from the realm of furniture moving. Whether you need to remove stubborn food residue, restore your tarnished silverware, or help control uninvited visitors in your garden, aluminum foil emerges as a reliable and versatile solution. That being said, unfortunately, this aluminum foil trick will only work on carpeted areas, so more delicate surfaces might be out of luck. That's when you need to invest in furniture coasters, which, luckily, aren't that expensive.

Foil helps in more than one way

To make your furniture moving experience an easier one, and to also save your back from unnecessary strains or pulled muscles, just add aluminum foil. You'll want to be sure that you're using high-quality, durable aluminum foil, so make sure you don't skimp and purchase the most inexpensive foil you can find. Tear off enough to cover the bottom of your furniture. In the case of a couch, make sure to place the foil underneath each of the feet. Carefully slide your furniture across the floor to its newly designated home, remove the foil "shoes" off of the bottom, and voilà: Your furniture has found a new home and your back is still in proper working order.

Using aluminum foil can also help save your furniture by acting as a protective barrier. As you place the aluminum foil under the furniture legs, it creates a smooth surface that reduces friction. This minimizes the chances of scratches, scuffs, or marks that could potentially occur on your furniture.

Other uses for aluminum foil

Aluminum foil excels when it comes to its multitude of uses around your home. To remove stubborn, stuck-on food from your grill grates and/or baking sheets, a piece of aluminum foil crumpled into a ball can work wonders. To remove tarnish from your silverware, start by lining a non-metal container with foil, then sprinkle baking soda over the silverware. Pour boiling water into the container, making sure the utensils are covered. Light tarnish will dissolve quickly, while heavy tarnish may take longer.

Aluminum foil serves a purpose out in your garden, too. Most birds don't like shiny objects, so strategically adding a few strips under the soil or around the base of the plant is a surefire way to let them know your outdoor zone is off-limits. Aluminum foil can also protect your seedlings and is known to help deter other pests and even larger animals.