Here's How To Strategically Organize Your Refrigerator Just Like Chrissy Teigen

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Having a clean and organized home helps bring serenity to our spaces. And anyone with roommates or a busy family knows how easily our refrigerator can become an unorganized mess. When we open our fridge, we want to make snacking and meal decisions from a place of intention instead of anxiety, which can be caused by a disorderly space. 

That's why Chrissy Teigen called in the big guns to help her rearrange her fridge over at the headquarters for Cravings, her famous food and lifestyle website. "My brain is always in cleaning mode but organization is something I could use a little guidance in," Teigen said in a YouTube video on the subject. Organization expert Krystal Guinn was eager to help. 

Teigen shared the simple tips on her YouTube page, which you can use to bring order to your refrigerator in your own home. It involves four tenants: grouping, compartmentalizing, visibility, and uniformity. It's "the key to a happy fridge!" said Teigen. Here's how to get started.

Grouping and compartmentalizing

First, you'll want to start with a blank slate by cleaning out your fridge so it's empty. Then place items together in similar groups, themes, and patterns. So the dairy items will go with the other dairy items and condiments will have their own zone. Snacks should be put in a place where the kids can easily reach them without making a mess. 

In addition to grouping items together, you'll want to utilize tools and containers to keep these items in their proper place. This will help your refrigerator stay neat and organized while in use. Acrylic pieces are best since they are durable and easy to clean. Lazy Susans work amazingly to make sure you can access items without knocking others over. You can get this clear one on Amazon for just $9.99. Amazon has all kinds of refrigerator organizing bins, mostly for under $30, like these stackable pieces and ones that store bars or other snack packs and water bottles or cans.

Visibility and uniformity

In addition to making sure everything in your fridge has its own special space, you want everything to be visible. The best way to do this is to make sure you place taller items in the back, with shorter items up front. You'll also want to use containers that are clear. This way you can see what's inside them, which makes it less likely that you'll forget about the item before it expires, in turn allowing you to reduce waste.

Uniformity will also keep your fridge looking aesthetically pleasing, signaling calm in your mind. To keep things looking uniform, you can stack beverages by size, remove items from boxes and place them into bins, and decant beverages by pouring them out of the containers they came in and into pitchers, like this 67 oz. glass pitcher with a stainless steel lid from Target for $15. 

You will absolutely fall in love with your refrigerator's new streamlined look. When everything is nice and neat, you'll be able to see all your snacking options and can make the best choice instead of just grabbing what you see first. It'll also be easier for your family to help themselves when packing their own lunches or making something to eat.