This TikTok Hack Proves It's Easy To Get Rid Of Wasps With One Ingredient

Can we all agree that wasps are the worst? Not only are their stings incredibly painful, but they can lead to some severe health problems, per Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. When a single wasp sting can send you to an urgent care clinic, it's good to know a simple way to get rid of those awful bugs using a single ingredient you may already own. If you have any gas-powered lawn care equipment like a mower, you probably keep some gasoline on hand throughout the mowing season. All you need for this hack is a glass cup and some gas to draw wasps out of a small nest.

If you've seen the viral TikTok hack posted by user @breaunasky, where they use a glass cup partially filled with gasoline to kill wasps, like many commenters, you may have thought they were sharing white wine with the insects (via TikTok). Thankfully, that is not a sacrifice you have to make. Who knew gasoline and white wine could look so similar? Fortunately, the TikToker who posted this video made it clear that we would not have to share our evening glass.

Using gasoline to get rid of wasps

For those wanting to try this hack, keep a few things in mind before embarking on this experiment. First, this is only for a small wasp nest. In the video, you can see the nest is only a few inches in diameter, smaller than the narrow mouth of the glass they use. Second, if you have a severe allergy to wasps, it is best to leave this kind of task to a professional. But, if you're feeling brave, gather your supplies.

As one commenter on the video mentions, the key to drawing wasps from their nest is not the liquid gasoline itself but the fumes. Select a clear glass so you can see the process and ensure you get all the wasps. Pour a few inches of gas into the cup and cover the entire wasp nest with the mouth of the glass. As the fumes asphyxiate the offending wasps, they drop into the gasoline, killing them. When you are sure you have gotten all those nasty buggers, remove the nest.

Throwing away gasoline

Once you're done, take the used gas to a hazardous waste disposal center in your area. To find the one closest to you, call your city or county office for information. If you accidentally spill some gasoline, wear fuel-resistant nitrile gloves and eye protection and pour kitty litter or granules specifically made for cleaning up hazardous spills to soak up the liquid and take it to the disposal center along with your gas. When transporting the used gasoline, ensure it is secured tightly in a container authorized to hold the liquid. To prevent it from tipping over, you can also use a rope to tie it down.

If this gasoline hack feels a little too risky or you are dealing with a larger nest, there are several other ways to get rid of wasps. Aerosol pesticides are available at most big box stores and are specifically formulated to target and kill these pests. Spray the nest at night when wasps are less active, and observe the nest closely the next day to see if you need a second application. Remove the nest only when you are sure all the wasps have perished. If you are dealing with an in-ground wasp nest, insecticidal dust is a very effective option.