A Piece Of Plastic Wrap Will Help You Remove Those Pesky Price Tag Stickers

Everyone has experienced that moment of struggle with a stubborn price tag sticker. Whether you scored something at HomeGoods or are battling a Goodwill tag, sometimes those stickers feel like they have been applied with super glue. But rather than spending half the day scrubbing and scraping, you can take them off with little fuss with the help of plastic wrap.

It might seem like an odd hack when you consider all the other alternatives floating around. For example, you've probably heard of removing a stuck-on price tag sticker with rubbing alcohol, WD-40, or olive oil, all of which are meant to loosen the adhesive. But those can still be a hit or miss. If you want a foolproof way, try using plastic wrap — along with these lubricants.

All you need to do is spray the sticker with your oil of choice, and then do the same to a paper towel. Lay the towel over the sticker, cover it with plastic wrap, and tape down the edges to create a seal. Let it sit for a few minutes, and afterward, the sticker should peel right off.

Why this works

In order to remove a strong adhesive, you need to moisten it for it to lose its grip. The stickiness weakens mainly because the glue is made with special polymers that rely on the evaporation of water to bond. Adding something liquid can dilute the polymer concentration, making the glue thinner and less viscous, which weakens its ability to stick.

However, if you've tried removing a sticky price tag using olive oil or WD-40 on its own, without a paper towel or Saran wrap, you know that sometimes you need something more. That's where the plastic wrap steps in. Much like with dirty dishes, the adhesive must sometimes soak for the moisture to properly break its bonds.

Placing a paper towel over the offending sticker helps deliver consistent moisture, and the plastic wrap acts as an airtight seal, prolonging the moist environment. The liquid doesn't have a chance to evaporate, allowing it to dissolve the glue.

Other ways to remove stickers

Are you trying to limit your plastic use in your household? If so, there are other similar ways you can remove price tag stickers without the help of plastic wrap. And all of these hacks use items you probably already have in your pantry. One easy way is to use peanut butter. Add a generous glob of peanut butter on the sticker, and allow it to sit for a few minutes. The oils in the spread will penetrate the adhesive, and since the butter is so thick, they won't evaporate until the adhesive bonds are weakened. Plus, any type of peanut butter will do — from peanut to almond.

If you don't have peanut butter in your pantry at the moment, mayonnaise can also work. Mayo has a high-fat content, which is perfect for dissolving adhesives. It's also thick, so the oils will evaporate at a slower rate. Add a thick smear onto your sticker, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and wipe it away with a damp sponge or paper towel. The sticker should come off with it.