Avoid Storing Pet Food In Your Garage To Keep Pests Away

Unwanted pests can be a nightmare, leaving a trail of chaos in their wake wherever they go. This scenario is a reality for many, with the pest control market booming, reflecting the demand for the service. These irritating creatures can seemingly pop up in every nook and cranny, from under your sink, attic, bathroom, and even your garage, causing mayhem. Of course, the extensive list of places is much longer but this gives you a brief idea. Removing pests from your home can be even more of a hassle, costing you both time and money. For these reasons, you will likely want to keep them at bay and prevent them from entering your home and your garage. 

Anything from food to dampness can attract undesirable visitors into your home as they forage for the perfect hiding place. However, there is one seemingly innocent item that could be unknowingly attracting pests into your garage: pet food.

Pests won't be able to resist your pet food

A garage can be an incredibly useful place to tuck away your miscellaneous items. However, there is one specific thing that you should think twice about. Speaking to Apartment Therapy, Glen Ramsey, senior technical services manager at pest control company Orkin explains, "Anything from dog food to birdseed to overstock from the big-box warehouse stores should be stored indoors in climate-controlled areas to prevent pest infestation and attraction." Even if you don't have any pests present at the moment, it's always better to take the correct precautions. If you remove it from the area, it should help to deter any from entering your garage. 

These pet-food-loving pests may include beetles and cockroaches, among other sneaky creatures. Some pests can even lurk behind your walls. Although you can remove them from your garage, you can't remove any damage they inflict on your pet food. Likewise, the dramatic fluctuations in temperature may also affect your pet food's quality. For example, garages can get quite warm during the summer months, or perhaps even all year round, depending on your climate type.  

Avoid under the kitchen sink too

Your garage isn't the only place where pests can lurk; they can also be found under your kitchen sink. Unwanted cockroaches or ants might have a good munch on your pet food if you leave it under there for long enough. However, this isn't the only reason that you should avoid storing pet food in this location. In an interview with Southern Living, Toby Schulz, CEO of house cleaning company Maid2Match, reveals exactly why you should avoid this mistake: "Pet food stored under the sink is at risk of developing mold, which is a health hazard for your beloved furry friend." So, when it comes to pet food, it would be a wise idea to find a more suitable storage place.

Removing it from the kitchen sink should help to deter any pests, providing that you take other precautionary measures alongside it. Additionally, there are other methods that help to keep pests off other areas of your property.