Replicate The Elegant Canopy Bed Look With This Easy Curtain Hack

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Canopy beds come with the benefit of making your sleeping arrangements much cozier. They envelop your mattress with curtains and allow you to block out light so that you can sleep longer. However, maybe you don't like the look of a typical canopy bed, which has a tall, boxy frame that surrounds your mattress. If these 30 ways to style a canopy bed don't work for you, there's an easy way to DIY your own canopy bed that won't look as large or take up as much room. To do so, you can hang curtains from the ceiling with mounted curtain tracks.

As described by TikToker @phoebes_buffet_, you'll first need to order or make curtain panels that fit perfectly around your bed. These need to have multifunctional tape sewn into the top edges and be long enough to reach the floor. Then, you'll want to spray paint your ceiling tracks the same color as the ceiling so that they blend into the surface.

Once you've put extra runners on the tracks, you can mount them a few inches away from the edges of your mattress. Attach the curtains with hooks, making sure the exterior is facing inwards towards your bed. Finally, install skinny panels of fabric along the ceiling to make the finished product appear more professional.

Products you'll need to purchase

The most important product you'll need is a set of custom-made curtains, which could be commissioned from The Linen Valley on Etsy. You'll need 10 panels of different sizes, and the following sizes are ideal for a king-sized mattress. The largest curtain will go behind the head of your bed and cover the entire wall — this one should be 100 inches wide and the right height to reach the floor.

Six panels are required for the other three sides, which should all be 90 inches wide and the same height. All these seven curtains should be made with multifunctional tape sewn into the upper edge for hanging. Finally, you'll need one panel that's 85 by 11 inches and two that are 91 by 11 inches to hide the ceiling tracks.

Once you've got your curtains, the rest of the products can be purchased on Amazon. You'll need A + B magnet tape to place inside the edges of the six panels so that they can stay closed — you could send this product to your seamstress to attach it for you. Also purchase mounted ceiling tracks, extra curtain brackets, and curtain hooks. Pick up spray paint that matches the color of your ceiling, to cover the tracks. Finally, double-sided fabric tape or small nails will allow you to attach the short pieces of fabric near the top to hide the ceiling tracks.

Benefits of this DIY canopy bed

As stated, this canopy bed will take up less space in your bedroom, since it doesn't have a bulky frame but is only made out of curtains that are hung from the ceiling. This would significantly benefit those with a smaller room size that wouldn't be able to accommodate a large bed frame.

Another benefit of this canopy bed is that it can completely block out any natural light if you use dark enough curtains since they will fall from the ceiling to the floor. This means that you don't need to also hang linens on your windows, which may be ideal for some. This could also help you get a better night's sleep, as any light from the window won't keep you awake.

Aesthetically, this curtain bed creates more texture in the space, especially if the curtains are pleated. It will make the bed the focal point in the room and look extra inviting. And, because the panels reach the ceiling, this design will make your room feel larger and taller, as it will draw the eye upwards. You can also personalize this DIY by deciding upon the right curtains for the look you're going for. The colors and materials can be completely chosen by you, which will add a personalized look to your space.