Will TikTok's Cotton Ball Hack Really Clean Your Pool?

Having to deal with the upkeep and maintenance of pool ownership can feel tedious, especially if you opt for the DIY route to cut back on expenses. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also be costly, with the price of pool cleaning averaging about $1,000 annually. This is why robotic pool cleaners are incredibly convenient — especially if you add some cotton balls into the mix, as shown by @jrbmiaz on TikTok. You only have to put a couple of handfuls in your device for the hack to work its magic.

This handy trick could make your pool cleaning session even more effective as it helps to clean up excess muck lurking at the bottom of your pool. Not only is this tactic effective, but it's also incredibly simple. Assuming you already own a robotic pool cleaner, all you'll need is a pack of cotton balls, and you're all set. Of course, you're likely wondering how this trick works and how cotton balls even fit into the equation.

Cotton balls collect the pool dirt

So, how do you use cotton balls with your robotic pool cleaner? As it turns out, all you have to do is open it up and fill the available space with cotton balls, adding as many as you wish. Just make sure not to go overboard to the point where it may be challenging to close it up again. They should fit snugly but not stuff and overflow the device. Once everything is secure, you should place it in your pool as usual and let it get to work. The cotton will collect dirt and algae, enhancing your machine's performance by helping to collect more material than without them. However, this may depend on the filtration capabilities of your specific device. A higher-end device may already do a good job.    

So, how do you know if it worked? When you lift the lid, you should see lots of dirt and debris sticking to the makeshift secondary filter you installed. This indicates the cotton balls have done a good job; however, how well it cleans will likely depend on the state of your pool. You could also use reusable cotton balls or recyclable materials to save some money. "Best hack ever! I add old pillow filling," commented one TikTok user. However, while this hack is helpful, choosing the right filtration system for your pool is also essential.

Try using a sock with a regular vacuum

While cotton balls are convenient, they're not the only thing you can try to enhance your cleaning routine. If you don't have a robotic cleaner and instead have a regular pool vacuum, then this TikTok sock hack from @kazza_balks will be perfect for you. Don't worry; this one is still relatively straightforward. All you'll need is an old sock. 

In the video, she explains how to try it yourself: "I am using one of these pool vacuums. It comes with a net to grab all the debris to put over the end there, but I use a sock because it gets all the fine pieces out." She adds that "the hose creates a vacuum," which helps to pull the debris into the sock. Like the cotton ball hack, the sock helps capture much of the tinier dirt and algae particles that sit toward the bottom of the pool. So while it may take some practice, this hack is just as valuable. Of course, you can rinse, wash and use the same sock as often as you want. Likewise, you can even use a pool noodle to remove debris from your pool.