Why You'd Want To Put A Shower Curtain In The Garden

While we often associate a shower curtain with tucking ourselves away in the depths of our tub for a nice soak, this bathroom item actually has several other uses, especially once it's neared the end of its lifetime and you're looking to replace it. Every year, over 140 tons of waste is sent to landfill, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency; so instead of throwing it away, why not try something new? For example, a shower curtain can be a great tool to help you manage your garden and stop weeds in their tracks once and for all, allowing you to vastly improve your gardening efforts.

Additionally, it's not just weeds that you can kill — there are plenty of other uses for a shower curtain in your garden. Perhaps you could get creative, or maybe you want to give it a more practical use. Either way, you have options. Below, we'll take a look at how a shower curtain can help to kill off weeds as well as protect your plants.

Shower curtains can kill garden weeds

Thankfully, your shower curtain can come in incredibly handy when it comes to battling it out against weeds — but you will need to plan ahead. All you have to do is use it as a base prior to your usual mulching session, ensuring that it's covering as much area as possible. If you're not sure what mulching is, it's when you prepare your garden to be more efficient by adding organic matter such as old leaves. As a result, you should be able to execute any hopeful weeds and rectify the problem before it has even begun, leaving your garden to thrive in all its glory. However, it's easy to make mistakes when mulching, so you should ensure that you do it correctly. Any avid gardener will know just how irritating weeds can be, so this is a great reason for wanting to put a shower curtain in your garden.

Even if your shower curtain doesn't cover the surface area that you'd hoped for, you can always inquire with neighbors or friends to see if they have any old curtains that they were otherwise going to dispose of. This way, you can upcycle and fill your garden with lots of shower curtains — a win for any budding gardener.

Use a shower curtain to protect your plants

A shower curtain can be an incredibly versatile tool when you use it correctly, especially in your garden. Another great use is protecting plants that don't need as much water, such as succulents or cacti. Co-founder of The Little Botanical, Morag Hill, emphasizes this point in an interview with Woman & Home, stating that "succulents don't like to be sitting in soggy, moist soil." The waterproof coating on the shower curtain will help to repel any rain or water and keep the plants dry. You can either hang the curtain up manually or simply drape it over your selected plants. If you do decide to hang it up, make sure that it is secure and pinned into place.

Any shower curtain will work well, no matter its shape, size, or color. Whether you prefer a patterned and stylish shower curtain or one with neutral tones, try putting it to good use in your garden!