The Handy Way To Use A Squeegee To Clean Up Spills

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When you spill something on the floor or the countertop, you probably immediately reach for paper towels to wipe away the mess. However, this can be costly and wasteful. Using rags is no better, as they'll need to constantly be cleaned in the washing machine, which could waste your resources and time. Instead, there's a better tool to use — the squeegee. Known for wiping down windows and glass shower walls, a squeegee will also allow you to easily clean up spills.

While this would perhaps be most beneficial to use in the kitchen and the bathroom, a squeegee could also be used to clean spills in other rooms like the living or dining room. However, it's important to note that this will only work on solid surfaces, not carpet or other textured materials. All you need to do is position the squeegee behind the liquid, push down, and swipe it into a sink or a trash can.

Which squeegee to buy for spills

When choosing which squeegee to purchase for spills, consider where you think you'll use it the most. If you're focused on cleaning spills off of the floor, one with a long handle may be the most beneficial, such as the Libman Rubber Floor Squeegee from Lowe's. When cleaning the garage floor, for example, you can push the spill right out of your home, or you can use a dustpan to transfer it into a trash can. Also, keep in mind that when cleaning the floor with a squeegee, the surface needs to be perfectly flat and can't have grout grooves or other textures.

If you're purchasing a squeegee primarily for your countertops, one with a short handle would be easier to use, which is available on Amazon. This could also be used on the floor but will require you to bend down. Something else you could purchase for your squeegee is a holder, which you could place inside a cabinet door or on the edge of a countertop for easy access.

Why a squeegee works and other benefits

A squeegee works to remove spills quickly and easily, as the rubber or silicone tool doesn't leave any liquid behind. Because it's made to remove all the water or cleaner from your glass doors and windows, it can do the same for your countertops and floors as well. Using this tool will produce less streaks than cleaning with a cloth would. Additionally, a squeegee is great tool to maintain granite and countertops by pushing away liquids known to stain them, such as coffee, tea, soda, and wine.

Squeegee's are also ideal for cleaning your countertops with an all-purpose cleaner, which you could spray onto the surface before gliding the tool across it. And before you spray your surface, this tool could also remove dry crumbs. Finally, using a squeegee can also help identify any sticky areas that you can then remove with a cleaner, a cloth, and a bit of elbow grease.