How To Replicate TikTok's Playful Lego Coffee Table Trend At Home

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Maximalist, colorful, and playful: If these are words you'd use to describe your aesthetic, you may want to consider DIYing a Lego coffee table. This table is made out of Lego Storage Bricks, which are currently available for purchase on the Lego website. The Lego bricks are currently available for about $40 each and are about 7 inches high, 9 ½ inches deep, and 19 ½ inches wide. Once these are arranged correctly and attached together to create a table, most people decide to place a sheet of glass or another material on top in order to create a flat surface. 

There are plenty of ways to recreate this trendy furniture piece to make it better suited to your tastes and one of the most notable ways is through color. Those who love a maximalist aesthetic could use every color of Lego brick available, while others who want something a bit more subtle could choose one color or a black-and-white design. You can also customize this piece by shape and size, as you could either make a small square or a large rectangle. No matter what colors, shape, or size you choose, this coffee table is bound to stand out since it's made out of such unique elements and will add dimension to your design. 

How to construct a Lego coffee table

Besides the Lego Storage Bricks, you'll also need spring clamps, cabinet bumpers, and a piece of glass to create this coffee table. A 10-pack of spring clamps can be purchased on Amazon for under $20, and cabinet bumpers are also available on Amazon for under $5. For the glass top, you can either order a custom-made option from a local glass shop or purchase a tabletop from IKEA, such as the MALM Glass Top, for under $40.

Once you've gathered your materials, you'll need to decide what shape and size table you desire. If you're going for a long rectangular piece, you can follow in TikToker @theofficialjaylacierra's footsteps and place down three bricks vertically as the base with two horizontal bricks attached on top of each one, for a total of nine bricks. For a smaller rectangular table, you could use two bricks as the base and place two horizontally on top of each one, for a total of six bricks. Then, flip them onto their side and securely attach them together from the underside with the spring clamps. Once the table is flipped back over, you can stick cabinet bumpers on the top of the corner and middle Lego brick studs, then carefully lay your piece of glass on top. 

Different ways to construct this Lego table

Depending upon where you place this Lego coffee table and your lifestyle, you may need to customize this piece according to your needs. For instance, if your couch is quite tall, you may need to stack two bricks on the base, which will elevate the piece of furniture by about 7 inches. If you have limited storage in your home, you could choose Lego bricks that have drawers on the sides instead of ones that open from the top (via Lego). These bricks, while available on the Lego website, could also be purchased from retailers like Walmart, Overstock, and Amazon and are sometimes even on sale. While they're also available at Target, this retailer is typically more expensive than the other options. 

You may also want to customize your table if you're placing it in a playroom. Because the glass isn't secured tightly to the table, the fragile material could be dangerous for young children. Instead, you could use a sheet of Polycarbonate Clear Plastic, which is available on Amazon for under $20. Another way to make this piece of furniture more sturdy and, therefore, safer for kids is by arranging the bricks so that there are no gaps underneath, such as in the image above. This will eliminate the need for spring clamps and will help ensure that, even if your child decides to climb on top of the table, it won't cave in.