Get Crayon Off Your Wall With An Essential Bathroom Product

It happens to the best of us. The little ones move their art projects from the craft paper to the walls. Whether your little artist is into miniature portraits or wall murals, however, the task of getting crayon off the walls can be daunting if not nearly impossible. Surprisingly, there's an easy trick to removing crayon drawings from painted walls, and it involves toothpaste. Just a quick scrub of toothpaste on the crayon drawing can fix even the most elaborate Jackson Pollock recreation.

Most parents will face certain scenarios at one point or another. Self haircuts, wall art, and foreign objects in tiny nostrils are all par for the course, and those are just the tiny crises parents encounter. In order to save time and energy for the everyday strain, not to mention the true emergencies that might come to pass, knowing as many quick fixes as possible is a huge boon.

How to use toothpaste to get crayon off your walls

Start with a basic white, non-gel toothpaste to avoid the risk of colored dyes staining your wall. Toothpaste stains would be counterproductive! Apply the paste to the offending drawings and scrub with a brush. Take a couple passes if necessary, then wipe away the residue with a clean, damp cloth. Toothpaste is strong enough to lift away the waxy residue crayons leave behind, but gentle enough not to damage the paint color or the wall underneath it.

Even better, because this method is so easy to do, it's a wonderful opportunity to get your tiny tots involved in the cleanup. Experts say learning to do chores is an important part of a child's development, and even toddlers are old enough to help keep the house clean. Kids as young as 20 months old can follow simple directions and help put things away. Getting them to scrub away their mess along beside you is a great way to feed their natural inclination and desire to contribute.

Why it works

Toothpaste is designed to scrub teeth clean without damaging their delicate enamel. This makes them a unique option when faced with a difficult cleaning job. The abrasives that make up the toothpaste are excellent scouring agents that attack stain particles and brush them away. However, these abrasives aren't strong enough to damage the paint on your walls and the waxy substance that makes up crayons is no match against the mild but powerful grit of toothpaste scrubbed against it.

Moreover, many toothpastes are imbibed with fluoride and other whitening agents. Fluoride offsets any acids created by bacteria, and whitening agents improve the whiteness of teeth. Both of these additives can help reduce staining when used as a housecleaning product. Remember, though, to use a white paste formula rather than a gel for best results. As cleaning substitutes go, this one will leave your walls good as new.