HGTV's Meridith Baer's Staging Tip That Helps Buyers See Themselves In Your Home

Selling your home can bring mixed emotions: A new journey brings excitement, but the work required to get it on (and off) the market can be taxing. Any tips that can encourage buyers to make a decision and close on your for-sale home are worth trying, which is why Meridith Baer's guideline to only include six personal photos while staging your home is a must-follow. The host of HGTV's "Staged to Perfection" knows her home-selling hacks, especially when it comes to setting up the ultimate backdrop to help future homeowners envision themselves in a space.

Baer recommends avoiding too many personalized snapshots, which can distract people from imagining their lives in the home. When prospective buyers enter a potential future dwelling, they naturally try to place their everyday comings, goings, activities, and memories inside. The fewer reminders that someone is living in or has previously inhabited that space, the easier it is for them to get excited about their new adventure.

Keep personal items to a minimum

Meridith Baer isn't the only one who believes this tip will help your house sell. Most experts advise against keeping a lot of personal items around, and this includes more than just photos. An abundance of toys, relics, antiques, or personal pieces that distract from the idea of a "new start" for buyers should be kept in storage during an open house. Additionally, remember to remove photos from the refrigerator; keep surfaces like this clean so people can admire the appliances and fixtures without distraction.

The photos you leave adorning the walls can be scattered throughout the house, as they are better left spaced apart instead of taking up an entire gallery wall. While many experts like Baer stick with their opinion on limiting the number of framed memories, the belief that featuring some photos can help sell a house remains. By including a couple of tastefully curated snaps, people viewing the house can still think of its potential while using the decorations to plan their own unique design. While no one wants to feel like they are intruding on another person's life, they do like inspiration here and there, and no one knows a house better than someone who has lived in it for a while.

Create an inviting space without overdoing it

Staging your home is essential because it allows anyone who visits to see its utmost potential. Regarding photos, the National Association of Realtors suggests sticking with neutral frames that complement one another and the wall color and spacing each one equally to create a uniform facade. Too much eclectic decor can throw people off and leave them wondering if your space will work with their ideas. Baer also suggests painting walls white to help enlarge each room and make everything look more spacious. Neutral shades are always safe and allow buyers to play around with layouts and themes in their heads, whereas bright colors can be overwhelming — especially for anyone who prefers a minimalistic design.

Baer warns against too many photos but also encourages little helpful additions to make your home seem lived-in and welcoming. She notes that a book by the bed or visible cookbooks in the kitchen can create an inviting ambiance that encourages people to project their daily routines into each room. Lighting a scented candle or including a diffuser will also build on this cozy atmosphere. If a house smells good, offers a welcoming respite when someone enters, and exudes just a hint of personal touches that they can build on, it's more likely to fly off the market!