How To Use Dryer Sheets To Make Your Home Smell Fresh And Clean

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There are plenty of products that can freshen the smell of your home, including candles, air fresheners, cleaning products, and diffusers. However, all of these items either don't have a long-lasting scent or can be costly. If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to always keep your home smelling clean, some recommend placing dryer sheets behind or in front of air vents so that the air is pushed through the beautifully-scented product. 

Because the dryer sheets will be placed inside your vents, the air from your HVAC system will carry the scent throughout your home and allow it to circulate in the air. This will make it always smell like you've just completed a load of laundry, even if your dirty clothes are piling up, which could impress guests. Another benefit of this hack is that it allows you to secretly scent your home in a way that's more discreet than a visible candle or diffuser. 

Placing dryer sheets in your vents

To accomplish this hack, all you need to do is place a dryer sheet either behind or in front of your vents, which could be on the floor, walls, or ceiling. If the dryer sheet won't stay in place, you could tape it down by the corners or push it into your vent's air filter. Another tip is to tuck the edges of the sheet behind the vent so that it doesn't become loose when the air pushes against it.

When choosing which dryer sheets to place in your vents, it may be best to use ones that contain mostly natural ingredients. This is because the contents of the dryer sheets will end up in the air that you breathe, and harmful chemicals could cause allergy symptoms or other health issues (via Environmental Health Perspectives). Mrs. Meyer's dryer sheets, which are sold on Amazon, are scented with essential oils and don't contain any parabens or phthalates. Another natural dryer sheet example sold by Clean People is also scented with essential oils.

Concerns to be aware of

While this dryer sheet hack can be a great way to give your home a fresh scent, there are a few negative side effects to address. First, the dryer sheet hack could be a fire hazard when heating your home because you're partially blocking your vents. Another concern is that your utility bills may be higher, as your HVAC system will have to work extra hard to push air through the barrier. Finally, this could create problems with your HVAC system that lead to the need for a replacement or frequent repairs. 

To potentially diminish the risk of these issues, it's best to replace the dryer sheets often, at least once every three weeks. This is because they can dry out over time and lose their scent, which not only makes them useless but could also create more of a fire hazard. Additionally, you may also want to only cover part of the vent with the dryer sheet, as this will put less strain on your HVAC system as it tries to push air through the vent. Finally, it's always important to get your HVAC system regularly checked to see if it needs to be replaced or requires any important repairs.