The Mistake You're Making That's Drawing Spiders To Your Home's Exterior

For some, finding a spider in the shower, on the ceiling, or –- worst of all — on your person, is a terrifying crisis that induces a full panic response. And as summer temperatures rise, the number of spiders seeking shelter in the cool, dark corners of your home also increases. One way to combat those eight-legged nightmares from making it into your home's interior is to dissuade them from congregating around your home's exterior. It sounds simple enough, but chances are you're making a significant error around the outside of your home that's drawing spiders in. In short, storing or laying items around the home's foundation creates a breeding ground for spiders and basically acts as an invitation for them to come on in.

Spiders are hardly the worst pests to invade the home –- they can be helpful insect repellants themselves –- yet arachnophobia affects up to 15% of the population, or as many as 50 million Americans, so finding a way to banish spiders from in and around the home is crucial to maintaining a peaceful living environment for some.

How to keep spiders away

North America is home to over four thousand different species of spider, and while each variety is different in its own way, they all love dark corners and hiding places to lie in wait for their prey. Areas that are left alone or are filled with clutter are ideal homes for them. Garages, basements, attics, and other storage areas are havens for spiders for just these reasons. However, cluttered areas around the outside of your home can also be very attractive to spiders, and once they make their webs there, any disturbance could send them seeking shelter inside.

Wood piles are the worst offenders for being a welcoming habitat to spiders, but they aren't the only items we tend to store close to home. Keep deck boxes, storage sheds, and yes, even firewood stores, at least six to ten feet away from the house to discourage roaming spiders from finding their way inside. Furthermore, don't leave clutter laying about outside, especially near your home's foundation. For items that can't be moved, such as air conditioners or satellite dishes, simply brush away cobwebs weekly with a broom or mop.

Other spider deterrents

Spiders hate the smell of citrus, and using essential oils or cleansing materials around the home that are made up of citrusy scents is an easy, invisible way to keep spiders at bay. This handy hack needn't be restricted to your interiors, though. Make citrus-infused water by pouring boiling water over several pieces of citrus peel and letting them soak overnight. The next day, strain the water into a spray bottle with equal parts witch hazel. Spray your concoction all around your home's foundation, windows and doors to keep spiders away. Mixing water with peppermint or eucalyptus oil and spraying around the house is another great way to get rid of spiders.

Spiders are also known to infest plants, but they dislike mint and lavender. Add these plantings to window boxes to drive the arachnids away from obvious entryways. As for other greenery, adding orange peels to your potting soil for both your indoor and outdoor houseplants can repel spiders. Additionally, this trick deters ants and other bugs. And since spiders feast on bugs, keeping them away from your home is yet another way to discourage spiders. If they don't have an abundant food source, spiders will go elsewhere. Whichever method you choose, though, make sure to use it inside and out for best results.