This Unexpected Water Balloon Hack Is A Serious Gardening Game Changer

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When watering your garden, it's important that the stream of water from your hose is gentle. If it's too harsh, this could cause damage to your plants and may even kill them. The most common way to make your water stream gentler is with a hose attachment, and you could purchase the Etronic Heavy Duty Nozzle for under $10 on Amazon. As TikTok user great.lakes.mama shared, you can use a hose attachment like the one from a Bunch O Balloons pack, which fills a large number of water balloons at one time, to create a similar effect.

This straw-like attachment will disperse the water into many different streams, which will lower the pressure and make it much more delicate. Another benefit is that the long straws will extend the water further out from the base of the hose, which will allow you to water plants from a farther distance away. This may be beneficial for those who have a large garden and need to reach plants that are located a few feet in every direction. And hey, it's a unique way to repurpose this piece.

Where to get the hose attachment

To complete this hack, you need a hose and the hose attachment that comes with self-filling water balloons. If you want to use the water balloons to have a fun summer day with the kids, you could purchase a pack of three Bunch O Balloons for under $10 at Walmart. However, if you just want the attachment, there are also ways to potentially get this item for free. Because this piece is normally thrown into the trash once the balloons are filled and ready, keep an eye out for it at your next summer get-together where water balloons are involved. Or, if you are part of a buy nothing group on Facebook, put out a request asking those in your community if anyone has one. 

Once you've got the attachment, all you need to do is screw it onto your hose and watch the water lightly spray out the end of the straws. If you need more pressure for another task, simply unscrew the attachment and keep it with your gardening tools. As long as you store it in a safe place, this item should last a long time.

Why does this hack work?

This water balloon gardening hack works because it dispenses the water out of a large number of straws instead of out of the wide nozzle of your hose. This produces less pressure, as the water has to be pushed through the skinny channels of the straws. This is similar to how a watering can functions; if you hold a large bucket of water over your plant, it will all pour out at once with extra force. Instead, the small holes in the can allow the water to slowly trickle out, which creates a more delicate stream.

This hack is great for those who have small children who haven't totally grasped the importance of using the lowest hose pressure on plants. You won't have to worry about your child directly spraying your plants on the strong jet setting, as this water balloon attachment can only produce a gentle stream. However, it is still always best to hold the nozzle a few feet above and away from the plant and allow the water to trickle down instead of pointing the stream directly at the leaves, as this will minimize the risk of harm.