How Cinnamon Can Be Used In Your Home To Bring In Abundance And Prosperity

As versatile as cinnamon is in the kitchen when it comes to baking cookies or spicing up a chai latte, it's also been used for thousands of years in other areas of the home for spiritual purposes. "Cinnamon has been deemed by ancient Egyptians, Romans, occultists, spiritualists, and Ayurvedic practitioners as a healing agent with high vibrational qualities that attract prosperity and abundance to those who use this powerful spice," says spiritual advisor and tarot reader, Meghan Rose (via Well + Good). "Because it's an antiseptic, it clears stagnation and blockages that keep abundance away from you." When it comes to the abundance that cinnamon and its use in spiritual practices attracts, esoteric expert and metaphysical practitioner Charlotte Bailey says via Homes & Gardens that it can manifest itself in your personal life or professional life in the form of new opportunities and connections.

Though there are multiple ways in which you can use cinnamon throughout your home to bring about abundance and prosperity, the most common cinnamon ritual involves blowing the powdered form of the spice into the air. While it's true that this practice has been utilized throughout much of history and is recommended by spiritual experts, it's not going to magically improve your life on its own. The most important thing about using cinnamon for abundance is the belief in the idea that it can actually benefit your life. "If you don't believe in its ability to attract prosperity, you'll never see it," says Bailey (via Homes & Gardens). And let's face it – even if you get nothing out of it, at least your house will smell good!

How to maximize the positive effects of cinnamon in your home

When it comes to performing any sort of cinnamon ritual in your home, it's best to do so on the first of the month in order to help set the stage for abundant days ahead.  Because the first day of a new month represents the idea of starting new and being presented with new opportunities, using cinnamon for abundance in conjunction with the changing of the months can help maximize its positive effects.

As is the case with any type of spiritual practice, the intention behind it is the most important part, as it helps you better visualize where exactly in your life you can benefit from abundance. Setting a specific intention behind your use of the cinnamon for the ritual also helps make it known to the universe exactly what it is you are hoping to get from doing so. Verbally declaring the intention aloud is important, as it can help maximize the impact and better put your intent behind the ritual out into the world. If you are unsure of where to begin with setting an intention, Rose recommends via Well + Good using a variation of the following statement: "When this cinnamon blows, prosperity will come to enter. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will come to stay. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will live here. And so it is done." As long as you are making it clear that you and your home are readily welcoming abundance and prosperity, the exact words aren't so important.

Where to use cinnamon in your home

While there are many places throughout the home that could benefit from a cinnamon ritual, most take place in or near the front door. "Doors, in esoteric practice, represent the portal between the outside world and our internal, spiritual space," Meghan Rose says (via Well + Good). To welcome abundance and prosperity into your life and your home, she recommends standing outside your house on the doorstep while holding roughly a tablespoon of cinnamon in the palm of your non-dominant hand. From there, while facing the inside of your home, she says to blow three times onto the cinnamon in your palm, letting it scatter throughout the entryway. (Don't forget to declare your intention while doing so!)

While the ritual can easily be done with cinnamon alone – especially with a powerful intention – some people add a little bit of salt to the cinnamon in their hand to maximize its benefits. "Salt is a protective agent in ritualistic practice, so combining cinnamon with salt will help to protect you and your blessings from outside forces, so they do not get derailed as they make their way to you," says Rose via Well + Good. Whether you choose to use just cinnamon, or want to mix it with salt, try to fight the urge to sweep or vacuum it up right away, as whatever you use should be left where it lies for as long as possible – ideally at least 24 hours.