The Underutilized Area HGTV's Emily Henderson Uses In A Living Room

In almost every living room, there is a sofa. Whether it's the romantic love seat for two or a large sectional that seats the whole family, this gathering place is incomplete without it. When it comes to decorating your couch, cushions and throws are popular options. Arranging pillows with different sizes, textures, and shapes can turn simple furniture into luxury seating. A blanket draped over the arm or tucked into the corner adds effortless style, yet many will wonder if you hired an interior designer.

HGTV's "Secrets from a Stylist" star Emily Henderson draws our attention to an underutilized space in the living room. To spice things up, she recommends decorating the back of your sofa. This area often pushed against the wall or hidden by a table, is a canvas for pattern and color. Henderson is a proponent of art in unexpected places and statement pieces. Zhuzhing up the back of your sofa is a mix of both.

Turn your sofa back from blah to beautiful with a throw

One of Emily Henderson's best tips for designing a living room is going for unique pieces. Styling the back of your sectional is not something everyone thinks of. On the "HGTV Design Star" winner's namesake blog, Henderson writes, "If the back of your sofa is prominent don't let it be naked. This is especially a good move if you like pattern but don't want to commit to a full upholstered sofa — you can switch it out so easily, obviously."

Placing the throw behind the couch cushions is the key to upgrading your seating. Remove the detachable pillows and tuck your desired blanket into the base of your sofa. Then drape the excess behind the furniture and return the cushions. Now your loveseat has a new backdrop that you can update any time. This cost-effective design hack covers seams, stains, and rips while breathing new life into your living room. The only problem is knowing which throw to add to your space.

How to pick the right throw for your couch

The throw blanket that becomes a part of your living room should add dimension stylistically. Let it speak to your personality while transforming the space. On the "Second Life" podcast, Emily Henderson shares some of her best design tips you can apply for picking the best throw. "Texture is so important and helps add character to a room," the creative expert said. Chunky knit blankets, faux fur fabric, and pieces with pom poms or tassels all fall into the textured throw category.

Along with tactile prints, the "Styled" author suggested turning up the color. Even if you're not a fan of vibrant hues, don't limit yourself to black, gray, or white throws. "Blue is one of those colors that can read as a neutral while still bringing in an actual color," the design guru shared, "so I love using it throughout all of my spaces. It's a cool color that is calm and inviting while still being timeless and not trendy." This primary color will pop against neutral tones and complements warm shades like orange.

Henderson's sofa back design trick is easy to pull off — no need for an interior design degree. Plus, it is inexpensive. The best throw blankets under $75 will put new life into your living room.