The Essential Oil That'll Make Your Trash Can Smell Fresh As Daisies

Having a smelly trash can is something that nobody wants in their home, especially if guests are coming over. This common mishap can be frustrating; however, it's easily fixable. So, what's the secret? It turns out all you have to do is add some peppermint oil to your garbage bin, and all your smell-related worries should disappear. This is just one of many useful ways to use peppermint oil around your home

Of course, this trick is a great last-minute solution if you're hosting a party or if you just want your trash can to smell more pleasant. Those who frequently cook and toss scraps in the trash would also greatly benefit from this hack. Even better, peppermint oil is in no short supply either, with just over 3 million pounds produced in the U.S. alone in 2022, according to Statista. So, how can you use this much-loved essential oil to help your trash can smell as fresh as daisies? While it may seem challenging, the method is quite simple.

Utilize a little peppermint oil

When it comes to getting your trash bin to smell fresh, peppermint oil is your best friend. The first step is applying the peppermint oil to something that will absorb the scent, such as a small piece of scrunched-up paper towel or a cotton ball. You could even use a cotton cleansing pad or an old piece of clean cloth. The choice is yours and depends on what you have on hand. When you apply the oil, add only a few drops. After all, essential oils can be quite powerful, so work the amount up little by little until you're satisfied. Of course, you should keep in mind that you need to apply enough to mask the unfavorable scents of your trash. Now, just toss it underneath your garbage can's bag and let it do its magic; adjust the scent levels over time as necessary to find what works for you. 

Although it may seem obvious, peppermint is the secret ingredient that makes this hack work well, as it has anti-microbial elements. This helps it to overpower unwanted odors emitting from your garbage because it's able to act as a natural deodorizer.