How To Fold Hand Towels The Right Way

Sometimes it's the tiny details that we attend to around our homes that can brighten a mediocre day or give us a temporary feeling of respite from a life challenge or a disappointment. Making sure all the dishes are washed, the laundry's picked up off the floor, and the towels in the bathroom look inviting truly can make a difference. Folding hand towels the right way won't solve all your problems, but we can show you how to make them look crisp. Pro tip: though keeping the towels near the shower is convenient, you shouldn't store fresh towels in your bathroom because of the humidity.

There are some benefits of beautiful folding that might surprise you. For one, there have been studies done showing a clear link between decluttering and improved mental health. Cleaning or even just organizing a space can actually reduce stress and give us a sense of increased confidence; it helps us focus better and gives us a feeling of pride of accomplishment.

Perfectly folded hand towels

Most rectangular hand towels measure somewhere in the vicinity of 15 by 25 or 18 by 30 inches. They're perfect for drying your hands and face, and can easily add a touch of color or pattern to a bathroom. First, lay the hand towel flat on a surface with the tag facing towards you. Working lengthwise, fold it into thirds, which will result in a skinnier rectangle. Then, you have two options; either fold it in thirds again to store it in a linen closet or fold in half and drape it over the towel rod in your bathroom.

Another way to fold a hand towel is to again start by laying it flat with the tag facing up to keep it hidden. Then, fold the top towards the center as well as the bottom, ensuring they don't overlap. Next, fold it crosswise in half, and it's ready to hang in the bathroom. If you'd like to store it in the linen closet, then fold it in thirds. Unlike the other method, this tactic will create a square shape instead of a rectangular one.