Why You Should Tie Your Bedding Together Before Washing It

Regardless if you think duvets or comforters are better, we all agree they and other types of bedding are a pain to launder, as they tend to tangle up in the washing machine. However, tying your bedding together before starting the cycle is all you need to avoid balled-up sheets.

When it's time to wash your bed covers, smaller items can get caught within the net your duvet creates. When this happens, neither article is washed thoroughly. Soap clings to the fabric, and still, with all the tumbling, the washer doesn't break through the tangle. The same issues happen in the dryer. Shirts, pillowcases, and socks disappear within the nest of your bedding, especially fitted sheets. In the end, you're left with wrinkled fabric that isn't completely dry. Nevertheless, you don't need to spend money on laundry products that prevent clumpings, like Wad-Free tabs or Laundry Buddy clips. You won't come out of pocket at all with this washing hack, and you don't need any extra materials. A single knot is all you need to save the day.

Prevent clumped sheets with a single knot

It might sound counter-intuitive to tie your bedding together to avoid knots, but it works. Simply tie the opposite corners of your sheet in a loose knot before plopping it in the washer or dryer. The tie will prevent the bedding from tangling as the fabric has less material to catch and ball up on. The interior cushioning in larger pieces is also less likely to clump together. So you won't have the extra task of fluffing quilts and comforters. It has a similar effect as adding tennis or wool dryer balls to your drum.

This hack works with tiny baby changing table covers to king-size quilts. It also helps to button or zip up your duvet covers and clip snaps to prevent anything from clinging on, which is an easy mistake to avoid when washing your sheets. So, thanks to this hack, your bed coverings will be thoroughly washed and dried without the bedding burrito.