Start Using Salt In The Laundry Room And You'll Definitely Thank Us Later

Anyone can wash clothes, but doing laundry properly is an art form. There are lots of dos and don'ts involved in the process such as not mixing your whites with colored fabrics, using color-safe bleach when needed, and knowing how long to stick your sweater in the dryer so that it doesn't shrink. One problem that stumps a lot of people is how to prevent your fabric's colors from washing out. Fortunately, there's a simple hack that will ensure your clothes go in the wash sharp and come out just as striking, and all you need is an ingredient from your kitchen — salt.

Salt is one of the most versatile seasonings available, as there are so many genius ways that you can use it around the house. What you probably don't know about salt is that it can also be used to make sure the color stays on your clothes during laundry day instead of fading out. The beauty of clothes is in the vibrancy of its color. We have all known the frustration that comes when you throw your cute new top in the wash and it comes out looking faded or as if you borrowed it from your grandmother's vintage collection. While heaping salt onto your clothes might sound silly, this hack comes in handy when you want to keep your dazzling colors intact. 

How much table salt should you use in the washer?

If you are afraid that your next laundry session might wash out the color of some of your clothes, it's time to swipe the container of salt off your pantry cupboard shelf. Adding a small amount of salt to your washing machine load will keep your fabrics vibrant. This can be especially helpful when washing new fabrics that have recently been dyed, as it will prevent the colors from bleeding out. 

TikTok creator @mama_mila_ demonstrates how to complete this hack. First, she turns her pink bedding inside out and loads it into the washing machine. Then, she adds ¼ cup of table salt to the load before pouring liquid detergent into its respective compartment. She also replaces the fabric softener with ½ cup of white vinegar, which is another way to keep dye from washing out. Once she removes the bedding, it looks just as vibrant as it was before it was washed. TikTok cleaning expert @shopping_cleantok attests that adding a small heap of salt to your laundry will brighten up old fabrics and keep them shining.

Why does salt keep colors vibrant?

Saving your laundry from fading during a wash is of the utmost importance when it comes to protecting the integrity of the fabric. Table salt is chemically known as sodium chloride and is used as a promoter when reactive-dyeing clothes, as it helps the dye molecules bond with the fabric. Further, not only can salt lock in the color of your clothes, but it may also bring back some of that crisp luster if your fabrics have already lost their color. 

However, if you're going to incorporate this salt hack into your washing regimen, then you need to make sure no other factors hinder it. As @mama_mila_ explained in her TikTok video, it is imperative that you use cold water for the cycle. While washing your laundry in hot water can get rid of some heat-sensitive pathogens and sanitize your clothes, it can also negatively affect some types of fabric, causing them to fade and shrink.