Why Home Owners Are Buying Human-Sized Dog Beds

When you buy a bed for your dog, you're probably mostly thinking about how well it will suit your canine companion. However, it turns out that some people are now nabbing human-sized dog beds for a range of different reasons. For instance, the Homguava Human-sized Large Dog Bed for Adults, which stretches 72 by 48 inches and sells for $200 on Amazon, has been used by consumers as a place to cuddle with all of their pets at the same time. Other people feel like it's an ideal replacement for an air mattress. Promoted as a dog bed that's also like a giant bean bag chair, this item could become your new favorite place to nap or snuggle with your furry friends.

These pet beds are often made out of a soft, shaggy faux fur material with a plush liner and a comfy filler, making them ideal for both you and your pets to relax in. They're also simple to set up (you simply lay it down on the floor and get in), and they're an easy-to-clean dog bed, as most types have a removable cover. Indeed, while this might seem like a strange trend at first, these pet beds have a couple benefits, including that they're versatile and comfortable. 

There are countless human-sized pet bed versions and uses

Above being a great way to make your home more pet-friendly, some human-sized dog bed options are made with additional benefits that are either practical or meant to make you — and your pets, family members, or whoever ends up enjoying the item — even cozier. For example, the N&V Giant Dog Bed for Humans boasts a fabric that stays cool on hot days. Further, the YAEM Human Dog Bed includes a matching blanket and pillow as well as pockets to store your phone, books, and perhaps a dog treat or two. It also has a strap which makes it easy to roll up and put away when not in use.

Those who own these beds may use them for more than just sleeping or cuddling with pets. You could also read books, watch TV, or simply take some quiet time for yourself. It's also an ideal playmat thanks to the comfy material, and the raised sides offer a barrier so toys don't roll away. Indeed, everyone in your home may end up appreciating this unique product.