Put Charcoal In Your Smelly Fridge And Thank Us Later

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Activated charcoal; it's in water filters, backyard grills, and even toothpaste, but it really needs to be in your refrigerator. The porous rock is perfect for naturally deodorizing your cooling box, as charcoal's carbon properties absorb organic compounds, trapping foul food odors. It doesn't simply mask the smell like fragrances but imprisons funk inside its pores, and works even better than that container of baking soda chilling on the shelf.

While baking soda is a pantry staple that helps to keep your fridge smelling fresh, it only absorbs acidic molecules. So while it tackles several low-pH odors, it doesn't trap all the smells as charcoal does. Plus, the surface area of the stench that baking soda attracts is smaller than the range of activated charcoal. The white powder is great for cleaning, but when it comes to eradicating smells, the black rock is a clear winner. So say goodbye to the scent of leftover salmon or stinky blue cheese, and give thanks to nature's neutralizer.

Store charcoal in your fridge for a natural deodorizer

To unlock activated charcoal's deodorizing power, simply store it in your fridge. Place two cups of charcoal pellets in an open container toward the back of the refrigerator to soak up the unwanted scents, arranging the carbon substance near the air vent for best results. You can use BBQ coals if you're in a pinch, but they are not as functional as activated coals — the grilling essential is less porous, so it can't filter the odors as effectively.

There are charcoal air-purifying bags that you can store inside your cooler for up to two years: On Amazon, a pack of 10 costs $24. There are also charcoal deodorizer bricks that act in the same fashion, lasting one year. A set of two sells for $20. You can also buy pellets of activated charcoal in bulk and fill your own container, with a 6-pound bag coming in at just under $25.

While you're neutralizing your fridge, you can also use activated charcoal to get rid of lingering household odors elsewhere in smelly hotspots of your home, like your closet, drawers, garbage can, bathroom, and basement.