A Candle Is All You Need To Fix A Stuck Zipper

There is nothing more frustrating than a stuck zipper when you're in a rush, but a candle can help with that. Sounds odd? Hear us out. Say you're late for work — you're rushing to find your keys and put on your shoes — and as you try to zip up your coat, it catches. Or maybe it's your kid experiencing the misstep, and they discover their backpack zipper sticks whenever they try to close it.

This can really throw a wrench into the morning because you either have to battle with the zipper until it unsticks or find a new replacement in a pinch. Neither is a good option, so it's handy to have a hack ready for moments like this. Luckily, you can easily unstick a zipper with a candle. No, you won't be pouring wax all over it; it's much simpler than that. Here is how to do it.

How to use a candle to unstick a zipper

This nifty trick will help save a broken zipper. All you need is a little bit of candle wax. You can either use a candle stick, or if you don't have one in the house, you can use a little bit of hardened wax from a container candle. You can easily scoop it out with a spoon. Whichever method you choose, the application is the same. Simply rub the wax across the zipper's length, helping lubricate the tracks. The next time you pull the zipper, it should glide across instead of getting stuck. 

If the zipper continues to get stuck, switch tactics. Instead of gliding the wax across the closed zipper, rub the wax on the teeth. They will be exposed when you unzip it. Gently rub the wax on either side, being careful not to get it onto the fabric. That should help the slider move effortlessly over it. If the slider is the issue, wax the underside of the entire tab. That should help reduce any friction, allowing it to move easier.