Ditch Dryer Sheets For This Clever Scented Paper Towel Hack

Dryer sheets have become a household staple and are hailed as the ultimate laundry product to reduce static, soften fabrics, and make clothes smell extra clean. However, they're not all good, as they cause harm to your clothes, dryer, and health. For instance, their regular use could make your clothes feel less comfortable, hamper the absorbent properties of your towels, and even damage the fire-resistant materials on your children's items. Moreover, their artificial fragrances can irritate sensitive skin and lead to breathing problems. If you want to stop using dryer sheets and replace them with a healthier and cheaper alternative, grab a paper towel and a bottle of essential oils for a DIY hack.

This scented paper towel hack is better than using packaged dryer sheets, since it won't release unsafe VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that contribute to air pollution. Further, paper towels don't leave residue inside the dryer that can interfere with its sensors and impact its ability to dry your laundry. Better yet, you get to customize the fragrance to ensure your laundry smells fresh and delightful every time.

Paper towels to the rescue

Begin by popping your dirty clothes into the washing machine as you normally would. While they get cleaned, add a few drops of essential oils onto a paper towel. You can go with an antibacterial and antifungal option like lavender essential oils to eliminate all the germs from your laundry. Or, simply pick any scent that tickles your fancy, as long as the oil isn't a dark color that could stain clothes. After you add a few drops to the towel, let them sit for a few minutes so that they get absorbed.

Once your scented paper towel is ready, put it along with the washed clothes in the dryer before beginning the dry cycle. The higher the heat setting on the dryer, the stronger your laundry's aroma will be. The same goes for the amount of essential oils you pour on the paper towel — the more drops you include, the stronger the smell will be. If you don't have essential oils handy, you can substitute them with a fragrance spray or perfume.