The Plastic Wrap Hack That You'll Want To Know When Painting The Bathroom

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If you're preparing for a painting project in a small space such as a bathroom, working in such a confined area means you're probably also dealing with furniture, objects, or shelving that is built in and can't be moved. The kind of drop sheet that you would use on the floor is probably too big and unwieldy to protect unmoveable and awkwardly shaped furniture from paint drips. But it's imperative that you cover those objects, as drips and splatters not only look rushed and sloppy but could potentially even devalue your home. The solution — cover them using regular plastic wrap. 

Even with a small room, it takes time and planning to complete the job successfully — from choosing the best type of paint to carefully protecting surfaces. While painter's tape works well for small surfaces, you'd need a large, impractical amount of tape to cover the top of your toilet tank. Instead, using plastic wrap on your larger items is a fabulous time-saving hack that will eliminate any worries about unsightly drips. 

How to use the plastic wrap hack

Most of us use standard cling wrap to cover bowls of food or to wrap a piece of fruit. Instead, for this hack, you'll need the type of plastic wrap that has a slight adhesive on the underside — Glad Press'n Seal Wrap from Amazon is perfect for the job. Tear off a piece of adhesive plastic wrap about the length of the item that needs protecting and align it along the straight edge. Position the wrap flush against the wall, and press it down firmly to seal it. Make sure you also cover the sides of your furniture as well, not just the top.

If you are painting around a toilet, there may be a very slight gap between the wall and the removable lid of your tank. That's enough space to drape the plastic wrap an inch or so behind the tank, press the wrap to seal onto it, and then cover the top of the tank with another piece of plastic wrap. To clean up, just remove the wrap and dispose of it.