How To Transform Your Old Candle Holder Into A Gorgeous Planter

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A decorative candle always brings a special ambiance to a home, especially when you've chosen a scent that suits your mood and a color that blends with your décor. When the candle has been extinguished for the last time, you can repurpose that glass jar into another pretty accent piece for your home. Creating a new planter only requires a few steps to prepare the container so that it becomes an environment where a small plant will thrive. Begin by cleaning the container and then adding a layer of pebbles and some potting mix to the jar. Nestle a small plant into the potting mix, and you've created a decorative planter that will complement your home and bring a beautiful touch of greenery to any space.

The first step is to remove the wax from the candle holder. One of the easiest ways to do this is by placing the glass container in the freezer for several hours or even overnight. In the cold temperature, the wax will begin to contract slightly, making it easy to break into smaller pieces with the tip of a knife. Take care not to press too hard so that the jar isn't damaged. Once the wax has broken apart and is removed from the jar, remove any waxy residue by wiping the inside of the container with cooking oil. Afterward, wash the glass with soap and water. At this point, you can begin the planting process in your decorative jar.

Filling the planter

Fill the bottom of the container with a layer of small rocks, which will provide drainage for the plant. It's impractical to drill a drainage hole in the bottom of a glass jar, but the rocks will prevent the plant from sitting in a pool of water. The best type of plant to use for this kind of environment is one that doesn't need to be watered frequently, such as a succulent. Watering a succulent less often allows time for the soil to dry out between each treatment. Adding a thin layer of horticultural charcoal over the rocks will also help with drainage. Next, create a layer of potting mix, such as the Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, available at Amazon, which is designed specifically for succulents.

Settle the plant gently into the potting mix, and spread additional soil around it once it's in place. While it's tempting to douse your new plant with a generous watering, it's actually best to wait a day or two so that the plant can adjust before giving it a modest drink. At this point, you can decorate the exterior of the jar with ribbon or twine. Place a row of these planters on a shelf in the kitchen where they will brighten up the room with their cheerful greenery, or give them to a neighbor as a housewarming gift. Your beautiful planter will bring new life to your old candle jar and a fresh accent piece to your home.