Keep Geese Out Of Your Yard With A Fan-Favorite Fruit

There are almost 10 million geese in the United States, according to Delta Waterfowl, which is certainly a substantial figure, to say the least. Perhaps you even see some of them in your backyard regularly. While these animals are beautiful, you may want to keep them out of your garden space no matter what the cost. 

Thankfully, there is a very safe way to do so. As it turns out, using grapefruit juice could help to deter any roaming geese from your backyard and keep numbers at bay. Not only is this method natural, but it is also relatively cheap and easy, depending on your yard space.

So, if you find that geese are becoming a particularly pesky problem in your backyard, this drink could really be your saving grace. Simply take some in your hands and prepare to get primed and ready. 

However, where should you put it for the greatest effect? Luckily, it's quite a simple process.

Deter geese with grapefruit juice

Using grapefruit juice to keep geese out of your yard could be the magic solution you've been looking for all along. Simply add some grapefruit juice to a spray bottle, and apply it around the areas where the lurking geese gather the most. This could be in the center of your garden or around the outskirts. You may have to observe the scene for a while to find out where to apply it. However, you could also attempt a bit of trial and error. If you want to ward birds off from your fish pond, you can try this pond area too. You could even coat your whole garden if you wish. Don't be afraid to apply a generous amount in your backyard. How you carry out your geese-filled grapefruit mission is your choice. Once you hit the right spot, though, you should find that the sneaky crowds of geese soon disperse from the area.

So, where can you find grapefruit juice? Thankfully, it's relatively easy. You should be able to buy grapefruit juice from your local store. Alternatively, you can always make your own; but you should note this will likely be more time-consuming.

Geese are disgusted by the juice

Yum yum. Grass. While grass is very attractive to a pack of geese, things can quickly turn sour once they begin to nibble on any areas where there is grapefruit juice. According to TheHouseShop, the geese don't find the taste very palatable. As a result, the geese should begin to flee from your backyard. 

However, it may not always be plain sailing. If you feel as though the technique is not working, you can always try applying some more or working with some different areas of your backyard. The key is persistence and patience and ensuring you keep your eyes peeled so that you can mark any changes or improvements to the numbers. If you have a small backyard, then you may find it easier. 

While the issue may be frustrating, you should always keep safety in mind. For example, keep in mind that citrus fruits can be toxic if geese manage to nibble at them, hence why a spray is necessary rather than using the whole or part of the fruit itself. Doing so is the kinder option. 

However, you may sometimes find that some geese like the grapefruit. In this case, you'll have to look for an alternate solution. You could even try using Kool-Aid on geese in your yard. This substance works similarly to grapefruit.