Practical Ways Of Hiding Washing Machine Hookups

Along with keeping your washing machine clean, you might also want to ensure that the area around it is nice and tidy, as well as somewhat stylish if possible. In order to do so, it's important to hide the wires, cords, and plumbing that are needed to make your washing machine work but aren't necessarily nice to look at. Of course, there are various hookups to consider and a range of ways to make them much less noticeable. You simply need to know what you're facing and the type of design you desire.

To get this job done properly, you'll want to know what kind of bits and bobs you're dealing with. All washing machines need a power cord as well as an inlet hose and drain hose to bring water in and back out. Beyond that, these pieces will be connected to nozzles, pipes, and outlets. As you might expect, you need to be careful when dealing with both electrical cords and plumbing. You want to be sure not to disrupt any water flow, mangle any cords, or set up anything that could overheat and spark a fire. However, you can still take advantage of safe ways to hide your washing machine hookups while also choosing an option that is both effective and attractive.

1. Construct a simple box

If you have DIY skills, then you can make a simple box to cover washing machine hookups. Glue, screw, or nail a few pieces of wood together, then paint it or add decorative details if you'd like. However, be sure to leave spaces for any hoses, cords, or pipes to enter and exit the box.

2. Add a cabinet

Install a cabinet around the hookups in your laundry room, which gives you easy access to what's inside. Remember that it's probably not a good idea to store anything else in this particular cupboard just to be safe. There are seemingly endless options, including the Sektion cabinet with double doors and the Sektion horizontal wall cabinet with a push-open front from IKEA.

3. Create a closet around it

You might need something a little bigger than a box or cupboard to hide your washing machine hookups. In that case, creating a closet around the area might be a better option. Although this might sound a little complicated, you can take a bit of a shortcut by using a pre-made item. For instance, you can remove the backing from the Billy/Oxberg Bookcase with doors from IKEA and place the furnishing in front of the hookups, which can then be hidden inside and accessed by opening the doors.

4. Put up a curtain

If there's no window in your laundry room, then you might not have considered what kind of curtains would suit the space. However, you can do just that while picking out a fabric curtain that can be put up in front of hookups, such as the Zokyer Laundry Room Curtain Set from Amazon. The two panels feature simple yet pretty decorative aspects that can complement the space and hide your washing machine hookups.

5. Hang laundry-themed art in front

Cover up the washing machine hookups while also sprucing up your laundry room by adding themed art in front. Put up a large piece of wall art or a poster and hang it from the ceiling with wire or rope. At The Laundromat from West Elm comes in three different sizes and offers a full-bleed print (meaning it fully fills the frame) or float mount print (which has a mat over the backing board) with a black, white, or natural wood frame. 

6. Hang a macramé piece

Putting up a piece of macramé is a fabulous way to hide washing machine hookups while also giving the space a boho-chic vibe. Simply opt for a piece that is both big enough and has a tight enough weave to fully cover everything behind it. That still leaves you with a wide range of attractive options. There are loose pieces like the Fashionstorm Large Macramé Wall Hanging Tapestry from Amazon, which features knotted sections, twisted elements, and fringe. Alternatively, the Extra Large Boho Macramé Wall Tapestry has two colors of rope as well as beautiful beads.

7. Add a few sizable baskets

Whether setting tall baskets down on the floor or attaching one to a wall works better for your space and its set-up, they can be a pretty and practical way to cover up what you don't want to be seen. For instance, the Beachcomber Handwoven Seagrass Basket Collection from Pottery Barn offers multiple pieces that are a range of different sizes. They could be placed together to hide any annoying washing machine hookups.

8. Repurpose an over-the-toilet rack

Racks and shelves meant to fill the space above your toilet can be used in other ways in your home. This design can be ideal if your hookups are above your washing machine which means that the lower part of a wider rack will straddle the appliance. The Dover Over the Toilet Hutch from Target has two doors that hide the inside as well as a towel rod. You could remove the backing and shelves to make room for the hookups.

9. Use a screen or room divider

Privacy screens and room dividers are a fabulous way to keep anything behind them out of view. In this circumstance, you simply need to grab one and stand it up in front of your washing machine hookups. There are simple versions like the St. Andrews Solid Wood Folding Room Divider from Wayfair that features a dark frame and white panels or the woven Zola Folding Privacy Screen from Pottery Barn. 

10. Use hampers for hiding hookups

There's a chance that you have hampers in your laundry room so you might as well take advantage of them in more than one way. Along with holding clothes, they can be kept in front of — and therefore hide — washing machine hookups. There are plenty of different versions that might work for your needs, like the Oceanstar White Finished Laundry Wood Hamper from Target, the Tall Canvas Caddie With Wheels from Pottery Barn, or the Rolling Laundry Cart With Removable Liner.

11. Introduce some greenery

You can cover the washing machine hookups while adding a natural touch to the space by picking up a relatively tall indoor plant — with lengthy stems or large leaves — that can be placed in front of a hose, cords, and more. Consider a Braided Benjamina Ficus Tree, a Large Majesty Palm, or a snake plant. If you want or need it, you could grab more than one plant. Along with being a lot nicer to look at than washing machine hookups, some plants can actually help to keep the air clean in your laundry room.

12. Put up a corkboard

In the same way you hang a piece of art — using rope, wire, chains, or something just as useful — you can add a practical aspect to your space by hiding your hookups with a corkboard. A great place to keep notes, reminders, and even inspirational messages that will perk you up while you do your chores, there are straightforward options like the U Brands Birch Wood Frame Bulletin Board from Target or ones with an artsy decorative touch like the U Brands Fashion Cork Bulletin Board Black MDF Frame.

13. Put up a chalkboard

If you don't have a corkboard but like the idea of hiding your washing machine hookups with something that can be used for notes, messages, or even doodles, then you might want a chalkboard instead. Depending on the set-up of your room and the placement of the hose and cords, you might need to choose just the right kind of chalkboard. There are flat options like the Board2by Rustic Wood Framed Magnetic Chalkboard and the Non-Magnetic Rustic White Framed Chalkboard from Amazon.

14. Place a chair in front

Hide the washing machine hookups in your home while also giving yourself a place to sit down as you fold laundry by placing a chair in just the right spot. The trick is to find a chair that's big enough to cover everything behind it. For instance, the Bayou Breeze Wicker Lounge Chair from Wayfair is designed to be used outdoors; however, that just means it can withstand the drips and splashes that might occur in a laundry room. It also comes with a cushion that blocks the unsightly view.

15. Add an antique laundry piece

The next time you visit a local market or peruse online listings, watch out for antique laundry items. You might find a large laundry tub or washing board to place in front of hoses and cords. If you can't find a genuine antique, then you can opt for a new item that's meant to have a vintage look like the Olivia & May Metal Laundry Sign from Target. Thanks to the hanger, the sign can easily be hung in front of your washing machine hookups by installing a bar above that can support the piece.

16. Hang up a beaded curtain

Add some retro, boho, or simply chic charm to your home by hiding your washing machine hookups with a beaded curtain that can be swept aside when required. As subtle or as decorative as those with varying tastes might prefer, fans of minimalistic aesthetics might be intrigued by the Whobrey Rayon Curtain Panel from Wayfair, which features a natural look. On the other hand, others might want an option with a little more flair like the Color Circle Print Beaded Bamboo Curtain.

17. Construct a DIY pallet wall

Pallets can be reused in a range of ways that keep them from being thrown into the trash. One option is to turn them into a DIY pallet wall which you could construct in front of the washing machine hookups in your laundry area. First, disassemble the pallets, clean up and sand the wood, then reattach them into one flat surface. You can then put that up as a faux wall a few inches in front of the hookups. You can also create a little door to give you access to the hose.

18. Put up a fake window

Create a view while blocking an unpleasant sight at the same time by putting a fake window. Find an old window frame with the panes intact or make one yourself without the panes and fill the glass or empty areas with a printed image of the idyllic countryside, dreamy waterfront, or whatever scenery makes you smile. If you can't think of an inspiring view, then you might want to opt for clingy (and easily removable) peel-and-stick design options instead.