The TikTok Weeding Hack Your Life Has Been Missing

Weeds are a pesky problem that can be a nightmare to get rid of. Many people want to avoid using harsh chemicals in their gardens. At the same time, pulling weeds one by one is tough – just when you think you've eradicated the last one, more sprout up from the depths of the earth. It can feel like all your hard work is trickling down the drain, so one TikTok user, @yvonnerick0, shared their tip that makes weeding a breeze from start to finish — and it doesn't involve back-breaking work either. You'll be able to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time and sift out even the tiniest weeds. All you will need is a plastic crate with small holes, a shovel, and the weedy soil in question. 

So, what's the secret method behind this hack? It's all about making the crate do the tough work for you. Below, we'll guide you through each step of the process so your garden will look great in no time.

Use a plastic crate to eliminate weeds

To start, you'll need a plastic crate with holes small enough so that weeds cannot pass through and a large shovel. Once you have these items, you're ready to go. Shovel some of the weedy soil into your crate to begin the process. Next, all you need to do is give the crate a good shake from side to side and sift the soil through, almost as if you're using a big sieve. However, ensure you stand over an area away from weeds, as you don't want to mix your new soil with your old. If you do this correctly, you should begin to see a clump of weeds forming at the bottom of the crate, separating them from the soil.

Of course, you can repeat this with as much soil as you like until your soil is completely weed-free. How much time this takes will be down to your individual situation. When you're done, toss any weeds in the trash and place your new soil wherever you wish. Now, your garden should be prepped and ready for some pampering.

The holes capture rogue weeds

Leaving pulled weeds on top of or mixed into the soil can cause them to eventually spread their seeds and regrow and make your problem even worse. This is especially true for minute ones that can be easily missed and worm their way back into your garden. Don't let your hard work go to waste! The crate will act as a sifter, preventing weeds from passing through back onto the ground while the good soil can fall with ease. As a result, you save time and won't have to spend as long looking for every single little weed like a needle in a haystack.

The nature of this hack makes it perfect for smaller, flimsier weeds. However, you can use this for large weeds if you wish. Just make sure that the container is a decent size and has the proper-sized holes — the TikTok user uses a standard plastic milk crate. This way, you can take on plenty of soil at once and get the job done faster.