Your Burnt Pots & Pans Will Shine Again With The Help Of One Household Staple

If you haven't burnt at least a couple of pots and pans in your lifetime, can you really call yourself a homeowner? Jokes aside, this rite of passage is one that just about everyone can relate to. It's commonplace to either sleep off while cooking or simply just forget you have something on the stove while you watch a movie or read a book. By the time you start to smell the food burning in the kitchen, it's too late, and you have a heart-wrenching mess of a situation. Not only is your delicious food gone, but you also have a blackened pot to clean. You can forget about using a harsh metal tool because that could create small indentations in the pot, ruining it for good. You'll need a strong abrasive to knock off those hard, burnt food remains, and we have just the household staple for the job.

Depending on the degree of the burn, a typical sponge won't be able to scrub the pot or pan clean. Instead of scraping the burnt sides and base with a spoon or an iron sponge and diminishing the integrity of the pot, Epsom salt could do the job for you, lickety-split.

Epsom salt provides the friction you need to clean your burnt cookware

The best way to successfully clean burnt pots and pans until they're spick and span is by using a less harsh household abrasive like Epsom salt. Although it's called "salt," Epsom salt is technically a separate mineral containing magnesium and sulfate. Its crystal nature and hard edges make it an ideal abrasive to use around the home.

The process for cleaning off the burnt residue from your cookware using Epsom salt is simple. All you need is first to let your pot or pan sit in a solution of hot water and soap to soften it up as much as possible. Then, sprinkle in some Epsom salt crystals and scrub the pot with a scouring pad. The friction of the salt and the pad will ease the hardened food and lift it off. This procedure is guaranteed to bring your burnt cookware back to life. Just don't go burning your food recklessly now that you know the drill.