The Clever Trick That Keeps Fragile Items In Tip-Top Shape During A Move

Packing fragile items can be daunting, expensive, and wasteful when moving to a new home. But a fun and thrifty solution is available to most movers: plush toys and towels. These household items offer a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and incredibly efficient way to safeguard fragile items.

For one, opting for unconventional packing materials can save you the cost of purchasing specialized products for a premium price. Also, reusing these items helps to reduce packaging waste. A versatile option, they easily conform to various shapes, making them suitable for packing delicate objects. Being soft and cushioned, they offer a gentle yet sturdy buffer against shocks and vibrations during a move.

All you need to pack your fragile items are plush toys or stuffed animals in various sizes, towels (bath, hand, or dish variations), rolls of packing tape, and a lot of boxes. However, make sure the plush toys and towels are clean and dry. Also, their size and density should ideally be compatible with the items you pack. If you have a vast assortment of breakable or fragile items, group them in kind for simplified packing. 

How to pack fragile items using plush toys and towels

For effective packing, you'll first want to create a stable, cushioned base. While you can use stuffed animals and plushies, a large towel or two is the best option, as this can be folded into a neat square. However, if you use plush toys exclusively, ensure they're packed snuggly to prevent shifting. With your box ready, you can now begin wrapping each item. Wrap extremely delicate objects individually using a towel secured with tape. Alternatively, you may keep each item nestled between large plush toys situated snugly in the box. Place the wrapped fragile items in the box, using additional plush toys and towels between each layer. This ensures there are no gaps for movement and breakage to occur — it's like you're creating a protective cocoon around each piece.

Once the box is filled, add a final layer of towels, plush toys, or stuffed animals. This will prevent the items from moving around if the box is turned upside down. Now, close the box and tape it securely, ensuring every piece is snug and safe inside. Finally, mark the box with "FRAGILE" and "THIS SIDE UP" to alert movers to handle it carefully and not to turn it upside down.