TikTok's Brilliant Bird Feed Storage Trick Is A Total Game Changer

After you hang a bird feeder in your yard, it's important to fill it up with fresh, nutritious seeds. If you've positioned your bird feeder within view of your window or near your deck, then you know how gratifying it is to be a food source for your bird friends all year long. It's exciting to catch a glimpse of bright feather colors and hear the songs of new birds exploring your corner of the neighborhood. To keep the birds coming back again and again, you need to keep the seeds fresh, and the key to doing this is storing them correctly.

TikTok's bird feed storage trick is a game changer because it's convenient, saves a bit of time, and, best of all, keeps your feed fresher. A big bin of unmonitored feed can become wet, moldy, and toxic to birds. If you're accustomed to buying your bird seed in bulk and pouring the entire bag into a plastic or steel bin, this hack will allow you to portion it out according to the size of your feeder and store it in several Ziploc bags instead. Brilliant!

The best way to follow this storage trick

The first step to following this storage tip is gathering the right supplies. Chances are that you've already got a plastic or steel bin where you currently store your feed. We recommend the use of an animal-proof galvanized steel can that resists both rust and critters, like the Behrens 31-Gallon Silver Galvanized Steel Trash Can. If you don't have this and don't want to purchase a new bin, secure your lid with bungee cords to prevent raccoons and other creatures from raiding your supply. Note how many ounces your bird feeder holds and purchase the gallon, quart, or pint-sized Ziploc bags that best correspond to that amount.

Pour feed from your store-bought bag into the individual Ziploc bags, zip them closed, and fill up your bin with the pre-portioned seed packets. As a best practice, take a whiff of your seed each time you open a new packet to make sure it still smells okay. Additionally, visually inspect it for any wet areas, mold, or mildew. If you are buying in bulk and there's too much to store in plastic Ziploc bags, there are also quite a few other ways to store bird seed to keep it fresh.