Start Keeping A Bag Of Rice In Your Closet And Thank Us Later

Is there anything as exciting as finding a clever hack that elevates your home life? With tricks all over social media, ranging from upgrading your IKEA vase to sink cleaning methods, there is no end to the number of ideas you can garner from the internet and other home experts. If you've been looking for ways to enhance your closets, this simple trend that involves a jar of rice will have you wondering why you didn't know about it sooner. By placing an open container of plain, uncooked rice in your wardrobe, you can keep your clothes smelling laundry-fresh all the time!

It might sound silly, but rice has strong absorption powers, which is why so many people lean into the theory that you can place your electronics in a bowl of rice if they get wet. While your closet might not be filled with moisture all the time, everyday smells can permeate it, especially since these areas are smaller and more closed in than other spots in your house. Not only do rice grains help combat water in the air, but these little pieces of joy can also pull bad odors in, leaving your wardrobe stench free. Whether you're storing shoes, a hamper, or items that don't require being washed as often, bacteria and particles can create pungent scents, so an open jar of rice will fix this without muss or fuss.

The rice deodorizer you didn't know you needed

The trick to getting the most out of this hack is upgrading your odor-absorbing rice jar into a diffuser as well. By adding in your pick of essential oils, you can also increase the pleasing aroma in your closet, so every time you open the door(s), you will be met with a fresh scent. The first step in recreating this trending hack is finding a mason jar to fill with rice. Fill the empty jar with 1 to 2 cups of uncooked, unflavored rice. You want dry grains, as these are what pull in odors and moisture. Don't cover the top of your container, so that smells have somewhere to go. Alternatively, if you're worried about someone knocking the rice over, you can place a permeable cheesecloth over the top.

Without the essential oils, you can simply keep laundry and clothing smelling nice, but throw in 15 to 20 drops of oil, and you'll have a homemade diffuser — just make sure to stir the grains to disperse the scent. If you aren't noticing much of a difference because your closet is too big, you can also hang multiple cloth bags filled with the rice and essential oil mixture throughout the clothing racks to cover a larger area. You should change the rice out every two to three months for the best results.