A Pool Noodle Will Make Jumping On The Trampoline Pain-Free

Trampolines can be a fun addition to any backyard, but there are some precautions to take so that bounce time can remain bruise-free. Whether you have an inground or above-ground trampoline, you have to make certain that you're inspecting and maintaining it, so it is safe for all those to enjoy. This means repairing tears in the mats, ensuring that the frame is stable and level, and replacing any rusty or broken springs. However, even a brand-new trampoline comes with its own user-beware cautions. That's why this simple hack utilizing pool noodles found in most dollar stores will add cushion along the springs of your bouncing mat, in turn increasing the safety of your trampoline.

Backyard trampolines can be a great way to stay active, but there is always a risk of injury to both adults and children. According to a recent study done by SafeHome.org, they found that trampolines were among the top three worst summertime products or activities for children's injuries to those 17 years and younger. Between June and August 2022, around 29,956 children were admitted to the emergency room resulting from trampoline injuries. Precautions including parental supervision and making sure only one person is on the trampoline at a time can help to keep folks safe. The springs along the edge of the trampoline also provide an unsafe area, which can result in pinched skin or injury when an off-balance jumper lands on the metal coils. This is where pool noodles can help to provide some additional padding.

How to use pool noodles to cover the springs of your trampoline

Most outdoor trampolines are designed with metal springs that run around the perimeter of the jumping mat to get the optimal jump with every bounce. These springs are usually covered with a mat or trampoline skirt to help prevent fingers and limbs from getting into contact with their painful properties. Over time, these skirts get worn down and leave those pinchy springs exposed, which could invite a number of injuries. Although you can repair the skirt or even replace it, you might find this is an added expense you don't want to take on. Instead, visit your local dollar store and pick up a bunch of foam pool noodles, which can be a more cost-effective and colorful solution to covering those springs.

To use them to cover your trampoline springs, first, measure the length of your springs, as this will determine how many pool noodles you need to get the job done. Then mark off the spring measurement on the pool noodles using a pencil or marker. Cut the lengths with a box cutter or knife. The material is easy to slice, but you should still use precautions when handling a sharp object. Once all the lengths of noodles have been cut, make one vertical slice along the noodles to open them up. Finally, take the cut noodles and simply pull the sliced side over the metal spring so that it leaves you with covered padding on top.

Why this pool noodle hack works for trampoline safety

Pool noodles are a wonderfully diverse product that can be used in any number of crafts as well as ingenious hacks around the home. Made of polyethylene foam, pool noodles are light and soft and can last a significant amount of time in an outdoor environment before they show signs of deterioration. Because of their strong and soft properties as well as their very affordable price tag, this makes it the ideal product to use when adding more safety elements to your trampoline. The metal springs around a trampoline are tightly wound so that they expand and contract as a person is jumping. However, as those springs open and close, it provides the opportunity for little hands and fingers that may be resting on them to get trapped and pinched. This can be an incredibly painful experience for anyone, but especially for children, so it's important that everyone keep away from the springs to ensure that there are no injuries.

Placing pool noodles over these springs can take this worry away and instead replace the danger with padded protection, which can last all summer long. They are easy to work with because of their featherweight properties, which makes them simple to manipulate and cut to size with minimal effort. Also, because pool noodles come in a wide range of colors, you can have fun mixing and matching shades so that they bring a bright and fun element to your backyard entertainment.