The Alcohol That'll Cut Through Grease In Seconds

Cleaning up a greasy mess is never fun, and can be even more challenging if you're not equipped with the correct products. Thankfully, there's one type of alcohol that will cut through grease in seconds: vodka. This popular spirit not only makes for a great drink, but it can also work wonders for degreasing too. Who would've thought it? Likewise, it's also a great option if you don't have any other suitable cleaning products in your cupboards to give you a helping hand. In fact, you may already have some ready to go, with over $26 billion worth of vodka landing in our shopping baskets each year, according to Statista

All you need to do is either buy some or grab some from your cupboards. Now you have your vodka set and ready to go, you likely want to know how to use it on grease. Luckily, you can easily implement it into your regular cleaning routine. Phew! So, what exactly are the next steps?

Vodka eliminates greasy residue

The whole process is relatively straightforward. Just like most other kitchen cleaning products, all you need to do is add some vodka to a spray bottle and apply it to any greasy surfaces, such as your kitchen countertop, dining table, or any kitchen utensils that need a good scrubbing. Simply spray it on or apply it with a microfiber cloth, let it sit momentarily, and then wipe it away with the same cloth or a sponge. Slowly but surely, the grease should begin to break down, leaving you with grease-free surfaces and utensils. If you're cleaning utensils, give them a quick rinse once you finish to wipe away any excess suds. Of course, you can repeat the process if you feel it's necessary. However, you should ensure you don't pour grease down the drain. After all, that will only lead to another cleaning job.  

So, what makes vodka such a great choice? First, you should note that grease contains oils. As it turns out, when the two mix together, the vodka essentially eradicates the oil, and thus, the grease deteriorates as you scrub away, per Sciencing. However, there are specific points that you should keep in mind. For example, vodka may not be appropriate to use on certain surfaces, such as those with paint. This is because it could affect the paintwork.