Keep Spider Mites From Harming Your Plants With A Handy Kitchen Staple

Having bugs in your home is unpleasant at best — what makes it worse is when they attack your plants. Even though spider mites only live for about a month, they can do a lot of damage to your indoor greenery during that time. Thankfully the solution to getting rid of the arachnids is already in your kitchen. A mixture of liquid dish soap and water acts as the perfect insecticide for these common pests.

Just spray the solution on the leaves of your plant and anywhere you see spider mites. According to the University of Minnesota, the soap will eat away at the protective layer of the bug's body and dry up its insides, which will cause it to die. Once you've sprayed the solution and eliminated the infestation, you'll have to do a little damage control on your plants that have been eaten up by spider mites. After that, your plants should do well with proper attention and care. 

How to use dish soap to get rid of spider mites

To make your miticide, you'll need liquid dish soap, water, and a spray bottle. Mix a teaspoon of liquid dish soap with a quart of room-temperature water so that's combined completely. Pour your mixture into a spray bottle and shake it well.  Spray the areas affected by the infestation, paying particular attention to the bottom of your leaves. This is where you'll notice the teeny tiny mites moving around or the webbing the spider mites have woven. Repeat this process at least once a day until the infestation is gone. 

You should be checking your plants every three to five days to ensure they are pest-free. Make sure any infested plants have been separated from other plants to prevent cross-contamination. Spider mites use their fangs to pierce the leaves of plants and suck out the nutrients, which causes leave to turn yellow or brown and die. Be sure to cut away any discolored or wilted leaves, and continue to properly nourish your plant so that it can thrive.