Get Rid Of Pesky Flies With This Beyond Helpful TikTok Pine-Sol Hack

Sitting outside on your porch or deck is one of summer's greatest pleasures. All you need is a nice glass of wine and a small charcuterie board, and you can kick up your feet and take in the sunset from your backyard. But that relaxing scenario can be instantly ruined by a couple of buzzing flies. Not only will they cut the party short, but they can transfer germs to the food they land on. Rather than half-heartedly slapping at them, you can get rid of them with the help of Pine-Sol.

Instead of stepping out to the store and buying fly-specific sprays, candles, or swatters, you can just use something you probably already have in your house. This is not only convenient but gives you more bang for your buck. Keep them at bay the next time you want to enjoy your outdoor space with the help of this Pine-Sol hack.

How to keep flies away with Pine-Sol

To keep flies from buzzing around your outdoor spaces, all you need is a bottle of Pine-Sol, water, and a sprayer. There are two ways you can keep the pests away. The first is to spray down your outdoor area with a Pine-Sol and water solution. Tiktoker @bugsyandcompany recommends filling a large sprayer with 1 gallon of water and 1/2 a bottle of Pine-Sol. Mix the solution so it combines, and then spray it on the brick wall of your patio, the railings of your deck, or near your pool seats. That should be enough for the flies to go swarm elsewhere.

If your pest problem isn't quite big enough to spray down walls with a cleaning agent, then there is a smaller hack you can try. Instead, grab your diffuser, pour some Pine-Sol into it, and put the scent sticks inside. The sticks will absorb the cleaning agent, diffusing its scent around the table. And just like that, your bug problem is solved.

Some caveats to keep in mind

It might seem strange that a floor cleaner is the trick to keep buzzing flies away, but it really works. And that's because those flying pests don't like the scent of pine. It's much too strong for them, deterring them from coming any closer. That's also why strong aromas such as eucalyptus, clove, and peppermint also keep them from hovering overhead.

However, this might not be the best hack to utilize if you have pets or small children. You never know what either will lick or touch, and they can have negative reactions to digesting the cleaning product.

But that doesn't mean you can't use pine to keep flies away. Instead, try doing this hack with pine essential oils rather than Pine-Sol. While the essential oil can still be hazardous to pets if ingested, it's a safer alternative to the cleaning product. You can also try spraying parts of the house high enough that your pets and little ones can't reach them, keeping them safe from potential accidents.