DIY A Spooky Halloween Archway With This Brilliant Pool Noodle Hack

There are countless Halloween decorations that are pre-made, which you can simply purchase and pop up. However, if you're a crafty kind of person and like to indulge in DIY projects, you may want to whip up your very own spooky archway. You might also adore that this clever and super-easy idea puts pool noodles to good use for more than just floating in the water.

To get started, you'll need a few zip ties, as well as two 3/4 inch broomsticks and 10 feet of PVC pipe. You'll also want to grab some creepy cloth and twinkle lights to create a mystical glow when it's dark. Of course, beyond that, grab pool noodles that have an open space inside. If you can find black noodles, then those are what you should opt for. However, since those might be a little tricky to track down, you can grab some black spray paint and turn colorful pool noodles into sleek dark tubes that are perfect for the freaky season.

On top of that, you'll want to choose the perfect spot for this project. It's certainly something you could put up inside and would be an ideal addition if you're hosting a Halloween party. Of course, it would also look incredible when assembled at the start of your exterior walkway or front door. There's no doubt that trick-or-treaters will get a kick out of passing under this enticingly eerie archway.

Steps for creating a DIY pool noodle Halloween archway

Once you've gathered the supplies for your DIY Halloween archway, you'll want to bring them to wherever you've decided to construct the piece. You definitely don't want to make it and then have to move it into place unless you have a lot of space to work with and someone to help you out.

First, take the broomsticks and place them on either side of where you want your archway to be. Make sure they're secured somehow — perhaps sticking them into the dirt or planters or creating a little pumpkin platform for each to hold them firmly. Next, slide a pool noodle onto the broomstick (this is why you need ones with an open space inside). Add another pool noodle to the end of the first and attach them with zip ties by sticking the ties through the foam before connecting and pulling them tight. Continue this until you've created a rounded arch shape with the noodles. Now, insert the PVC pipe to give the noodles extra support. Finally, it's time to add the finishing touches. Start by wrapping the twinkle lights around the arch. Then, drape the creepy cloth over the top of the entire thing. You're done!

Take a step back and enjoy your creepy creation. Of course, if you turn the lights off (for an interior arch) or wait until nighttime (for one that's outdoors), then you'll truly be able to appreciate the eerie effect.