The Genius Paper Plate Hack That Keeps Your Microwave Spick & Span

Let's face it, nobody likes cleaning their microwave unless they have to. According to the American Housing Survey, over 95% of us have a microwave, which means many of us will clean one at some point. However, there is an incredibly easy way to prevent any unnecessary mess when using this popular kitchen appliance. Say hello to paper plates! Paper plates are the perfect candidate when it comes to keeping your microwave clean. All you have to do is place one over any food you put in there, and it should act as a safeguard. As a result, you should no longer have to worry about having to constantly clean up. 

If you have any paper plates left over from an outdoor event or party, then you may be able to put some of them to good use. You may already even have some in your cupboards. But how can you use this trick for yourself, and what else should you consider? While it's a great hack, there are some important factors for you to consider. 

Use it with your food to prevent mess

To try this hack for yourself, all you need to do is take a clean, 100% paper plate and slide it over the food you're heating up. For example, this trick works well with bowls or cups, just don't put it directly on the food so it's touching. When you heat foods such as soups or curries, it can have an annoying tendency to bubble over. In this case, the paper plate acts as a barrier, preventing any mess in your microwave. 

You should also be wary of any fire hazards while working with microwaves and paper, and always opt for 100% paper plates, per The Kitchen Community. This is the safest option. However, that's not all. To prevent any danger, stick to the two-minute mark or less to prevent any potential flames from bursting out. So, if you're heating up food, it's probably best to swap plates or do it in intervals. Likewise, you should also ensure that it's clean and free of grease. After all, you don't want any dirty or old food mixed with your new dish. Alternatively, you could always use a solid kitchen plate of your own, which can work to prevent mess too.