Clean Your Toilet Naturally With These DIY Tablets

Personal hygiene starts from keeping your entire house clean, but your bathroom is one of the most crucial areas to keep spotless, your toilet in particular. The water closet carries a host of disease-causing germs that rival other parts of your home such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus aureus. Bad bathroom practices such as failing to adequately disinfect your toilet bowl can lead to an infection, which is why you need the right cleaning tools. Let's face it — some of us are just too lazy to make sure our toilet spaces are clean 24/7. Luckily, there is a natural DIY tablet that you can make that is guaranteed to leave your toilet spotless and germ-free without too much effort and you only need four ingredients to fix it up: baking soda, distilled white vinegar, citric acid, and some aromatic essential oil.

The Executive Director of Good Housekeeping Institute Carolyn Forté told Good Housekeeping that a toilet cleaning mistake so many homeowners make is that they don't leave the disinfecting solution on the toilet long enough for it to do its job. "Yes, a product can claim that it kills 99% of germs and bacteria," she informed. "But it needs to stay wet to be effective, and if you're using it for a matter of seconds, it's not going to be effective." This natural DIY toilet tablet is perfect because it can stay in the toilet long enough to work.

Mix together four ingredients for the toilet bomb and use for a toilet bowl cleanse

If you're in the market for an organic way to clean your toilet without worrying about whether or not it's clean enough, this recipe for a DIY toilet bomb is right up your alley. With only four ingredients, you can cook up a batch and store them for future use as a substitute for toilet cleaner. TikTok home and lifestyle creator @monikakristoffer makes these bombs using one cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of citric acid, distilled white vinegar, and some essential oil if you want to add a soothing fragrance. 

First, mix together the baking soda and the citric acid in a bowl before adding the essential oil. Stir this mixture in well and then pour in the white vinegar until you get the consistency of a paste. You can spray on some water if it's still too dry, then spoon the mixture onto a tray or pan in little balls. You can also press them into a mold for a fun look. Give the balls up to a full day to dry into hard tablets and then store them in an airtight container. Just drop a tablet into the toilet and you can either use it to scrub the bowl or let it sit for a while before flushing. Your water closet will be sparkling clean, disinfected, and you can worry less about germs.