Try TikTok's Hula Hoop Hack To Create A Gorgeous Round Shelf Stand

TikTok is an incredibly popular place when it comes to DIY hacks, with the #diyhacks pulling in over 3 billion views on the platform. If you're looking for some cheap shelving, then you may want to consider TikTok's hula hoop hack. Not only do you end up with a gorgeous round shelf stand, but you get it for a fraction of the cost of many store-bought shelves. This is the perfect solution if you're looking to add some rustic-style interior design without breaking the bank. Even better, you can also use it anywhere in your home. What more could you possibly want?  

But what about actually making it? While it requires a bit of crafting, it shouldn't be too difficult if you enjoy constructing things yourself. However, with all the savings you will make, it should definitely be worth the effort. Now, we'll take a look at how you can replicate this for yourself.

Prepare your hula hoops

For this hack, all you'll need is some hula hoops, some wood planks, and of course, your own crafty DIY skills. You will also need a screwdriver and some screws, alongside some spray paint of your choice. You can use any color, but for this hack specifically, the color of choice is black. So, what about actually building it? 

The first step of the process is preparing your hula hoops. The TikTok video shared by @juniperpointdesignco explains the steps in further detail: "Take the two hula hoops and remove the sticker design. By using light grit sandpaper, it will help the spray paint stick better. Give it a good coat of black and then a little bit of clear on top. I used two 1-by-7s at 26 inches for the shelves, but each of them will vary by hula hoop size. Sand them down and give them a coat of stain. Once they're dry, use 1 ½ inch screws to help attach the hula hoops to the wooden shelves. I used a 1-by-8 spray painted black as the base and screwed it in." Now, you should be left with a stunning standalone shelf that you can add anywhere in your home. But how can you decorate shelves? Just like any other shelf, you can use it to store and place decorative items such as plants or books. 

The hoops hold everything together

So, why exactly does this hack work so well? When it comes to this hula hoop hack, the hoops are arguably the staple of the entire design. Without them, there would be nothing to hold up the wood panels. As a result, the hoops really help to bring this DIY shelf together, acting as a support system for the entire design and giving the illusion of professional shelving you attach to your wall (if you decide to hang it up.) However, it still looks great as a standalone piece. If you're feeling creative, you could even turn a spare hula hoop into a pretty wreath.   

In addition, if you want this hack to work, you should also ensure that your wooden planks aren't too heavy for your hoops. Thinner planks will work better than thicker planks in this case, and it's something to keep in mind when you begin your search for the necessary items. After all, you don't want to end up with a wonky shelf! Of course, you should always ensure that you note down the correct measurements for your hula hoops before purchasing your wood slabs. Selecting the wrong size could ruin the entire look, so it's always best to prepare. Likewise, you can always deviate from the hack in terms of customization. For example, you could try using different color spray paints to suit the interior of your home.