Put Paper Towels On Top Of Your Kitchen Cabinets & Thank Us Later

Have you ever taken a peek on top of your kitchen cabinets and discovered a layer of gunk so thick that you'll need a putty knife to get it off? Despite our best cleaning efforts, those hard-to-reach and out-of-sight areas are magnets for everything gross. That said, strategically placing a layer of paper towels on top of your cupboards can create a barrier that absorbs and collects dust, debris, and cooking grease particles that would otherwise accumulate there.

This simple yet effective hack not only reduces the need for frequent cleanings in those hard-to-reach areas but also extends the time between deep cleaning sessions. As time goes by, those paper towels will do their thing and collect dust and whatever else is hanging around up there, so you'll want to give them a quick check and swap them out every so often. This will help keep things up there looking neat and tidy.

There is one thing that's important to keep in mind when utilizing this highly useful hack. Being that you're in a kitchen, and these are paper towels, always remember proper fire safety. So be sure to keep those paper towels away from any heat sources or vents.

How to properly execute this hack

The process is straightforward. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the space with a grease-cutting solution. Once the area is clean, cover the tops of your cabinets with paper towels, making sure they stay aligned and don't begin to slip and peek out over the edge of your cabinetry. Try overlapping the paper towels to make sure you have complete coverage. When it's time to get your cleaning down, simply remove the funky paper towels and replace them with freshies.

If you're not too excited about using up your good paper towels, there are a few other options you can choose from. Wax paper is suitable and an inexpensive choice. The waxy layer prevents any grease or dust from permeating through to the cabinetry beneath. You can also use rubber placemats or disposable contact paper, which are super affordable and can be found at discount stores like Dollar Tree. The benefit of using a rubber or plastic placemat is that it's reusable, so if you're looking for more eco-friendly and sustainable methods of preserving the tops of your kitchen cabinets, then that might be a good choice for you.