The Aluminum Foil Hack That'll Make Cleaning Your Backsplash A Breeze

A kitchen always looks its best after you've cleaned it. But the second someone fires up the stove, all that work takes a giant landslide. That's especially true if they cook something in a pan. Whatever it is, grease, sauce, and oil always seem to end up splattering all over the backsplash. It is, after all, one of the hardest things to keep clean, especially if you're in the middle of a busy day. If you're whipping up a quick lunch or throwing something together for the family dinner, the last thing you want to do is give it a good scrub at the end of it. However, aluminum foil can help with that.

Using tin foil can help you reduce your cleaning time while keeping your kitchen looking pristine by creating a protective barrier. And the best part is you probably already have it in a kitchen drawer, allowing you to use something you have on hand. If you're tired of battling grease splatter from messy cooking sessions, here's how to use it.

How to use tin foil to make cleaning your backsplash easier

Nope, you won't be using tin foil to clean your backsplash. Instead, you will be using it to create a protective layer between it and the splattering grease and sauce. All you have to do is grab a large sheet of tin foil and press it against the backsplash directly behind your stove. Depending on your area's size, you might need to use two sheets. Smooth it across the tiles or wall, pressing it into any grout or texture so it can cling to the surface. And that's it! Fire up your stove top, and get as messy as you want. Afterward, you can simply remove the foil, toss it in the trash, and be left with a clean kitchen

This hack is affordable, easy, and quick to do. It negates the need to scrub the area afterward or clean your kitchen multiple times a week.