The Brilliant Hack That'll Make Use Of Vertical Space In Your Laundry Room

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Doing laundry is a layered task that involves a lot of activities. We all wish we could simply toss dirty clothes into the machine and have them come out already dried, ironed to perfection, and folded. Until that contraption gets invented, we have to take things step by step. Oftentimes, this means utilizing more than just the laundry room, especially for those who are working with a small space. For instance, perhaps you iron your clothes on your ironing board in the living room and fold them on the kitchen counter. 

However, a great way to make the laundry process easier is by utilizing all the space in your laundry room so that you don't have to complete so many tasks in different parts of the house. For instance, instead of air drying your laundry on a clothesline outside, you can dry your items on a wall-mounted rack in the laundry room. Even if you typically use a regular old drying rack instead of a clothesline, this hack may still be beneficial to you. This is because drying racks are known to take up lots of floor space and can be challenging to put together and take apart. Instead, you can use this brilliant hack that will make use of the vertical space in your laundry room.

Mount up a retractable clothes rack on your wall

While using a regular drying rack to air-dry clean laundry sounds great, it isn't always the most practical way to dry clothes because it can take up quite a bit of space, which can especially become an issue in a small laundry room. Instead, you can switch to utilizing vertical spaces like your walls, which will help you maximize every square inch of your laundry room. You can employ a wall-mounted drying rack that hangs off your wall, which can be pulled out during use and folded flat against the wall afterward. 

First, purchase your rack. You can get the Wall Mounted Drying Rack from Target, which is resistant to rust, for about $35. Another option is the GorillaRack Laundry Drying Clothes Rack, which you could purchase for less than $60 on Amazon. Then, decide on where you want to mount it and mark those areas. Make sure it's high enough to harbor your longer clothes without them sweeping the floor but not too high that you can't reach it. After this, drill the nails into the marks on the wall and hang them using the plugs and screws that come with the rack. Now, you have a foldable clothes rack that will easily air out your clean laundry.