The Cleaning Hack That Involves Using An Alcoholic Beverage On Your Carpet

No matter how careful we are, carpet stains happen. Whether you filled up your coffee cup too high and some dribbled over, or the dog bumped you while you were walking with your tea cup and it fell out of your hand, messes are an inevitable part of life. However, that doesn't make them any less annoying. Coffee and tea stains on rugs and carpets can be particularly brutal since they're so dark. The tannic acid is what gives them their color, and it's traditionally used to stain leather and ink, giving you an idea of their staining capabilities. Because of that, it takes a little more muscle power to lift them. However, beer might be able to help you with that.

It might seem odd to pour a drink on top of another drink stain and expect it to lessen rather than worsen, but it's true! This is especially great news if you already have a six-pack in the house, allowing you to use supplies you already have. Here's how to do it.

How to use beer to remove coffee and tea stains

The good news is that you don't have to crack open a can to use this hack. Instead, you can utilize stale beer you didn't finish the night before, giving it a useful job before pouring it down the drain. Before you begin blotting, spot-test the ale in an inconspicuous area on the rug or carpet. That way you can double check if it will interact negatively with the material and leave a stain. This is especially good to do if you're using a dark stout. If the coast is clear, dribble a small amount of the beer onto the stain, and use a clean cloth to gently dab out the blotch. Add more where it's needed, and keep dabbing until the mark completely lifts. 

If a slightly boozy odor is left over, you can gently go over the spot with water and a drop of soap to clear the area. This will also remove any leftover residue, ensuring dirt won't be attracted to it, discoloring the rug.