The Water Mistake That's Making Your Mattress Smell

If it's nice and comfy, your bed is probably one of your favorite places in your house. However, despite our best efforts, life happens and your mattress can get a stain on it that requires an immediate response. For instance, if a pet or child has an accident, with some quick thinking and fast action you can get a urine stain out with some home cleaning products. Understandably, many of us think water is a magic fix-it-all — after all, running a stained piece of clothing under water before adding detergent can help remove a large portion of the stain. But, pouring water onto your mattress to aid in stain removal and rubbing it in is the exact wrong move.

Whether you pour water on a concentrated small area or, worse, all over the mattress's surface because of an extra big spill (dinner and wine in bed, anyone?), we have bad news, this will eventually result in a bad-smelling mattress. And then the chances are high you'll need to replace it sooner than you'd planned, at a significant expense.

Why water on your mattress is a bad idea

You can use a spray bottle with a cleaning solution of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to spot-clean a mattress stain. With this solution, you're not dumping a whole bottle onto the problem area, you're spot-treating. Moreover, there's no or little water in your formula and therefore this is safe to use. In contrast, pouring just water on a mattress stain will push the stain deeper inside. The main reason it's bad is that the moistness attracts mildew. So in addition to any smells associated with the original stain, the additional smell of mildew is neither healthy nor conducive to a good night's sleep.

Although a common and effective strategy is to use a combination of liquid cleaners or solutions, you can try covering the stain with baking soda instead. Allow the powder to soak up the liquids and dry overnight, then hoover up the residue with a vacuum cleaner. An excellent overall preventive measure you can take to safeguard against spills, stains, and accidents is to purchase a high-quality mattress protector