Deter Mosquitos With Everyone's Favorite Fall Spice

There is not much worse than getting mosquito bites during what should be a relaxing cookout or summer party — except maybe still finding yourself or your family with itchy bites well into the fall, and sometimes even during warm days in the winter. However, there is a simple concoction that can keep mosquitoes away from you and your loved ones. Best of all, it contains your favorite fall spices.

While citronella is often the go-to aroma to deter mosquitos, cinnamon and clove are also deterrents for pesky mosquitoes. Clove oil has been found to keep mosquitos away for up to four hours. Similarly, cinnamon oil is not only a deterrent to mosquitoes and keeps away adult insects, but it can also kill mosquito eggs. This is especially important when a mosquito gets into your home.

To give a double whammy to the biting bugs, you can mix the two spices together for extra protection.

How to make the clove and cinnamon concoction to keep mosquitoes away

You don't need to buy cinnamon and clove essential oils for this concoction. You can simply use the powder versions of the spices from your cupboard. First, add one or two spoonfuls of cinnamon powder and clove powder to a mason jar along with a little rubbing alcohol, as per Instructables. Cover the jar and allow the mixture to sit overnight.

The next morning, use a paper coffee filter and a plastic funnel to filter out the sediment. Slowly pour the contents of the jar into another container, catching the sediment in the filter. Repeat if more sediment remains. Then pour the remaining liquid into a spray bottle and add olive oil, or another carrier oil. Shake it well.

You can spray it on your hands, arms, and other exposed areas of the skin. It should keep mosquitoes away for a few hours. You can also spray areas around the outside of your home, like fences and porches, to prevent mosquitos from gathering.